Exchange 2007 SP2 to SP3 Rollup 11

This question may help resolve another open question that I have. I'm working with an Exchange Server 2007 SP2 environment. I'm getting ready to implement a new backup techonology for it. It needs at least SP3 Roll-up 5.

I can't seem to find just SP3 as a download. Can I just install SP3 Rollup 5 or 11 since that's the newest? Are there any pre-requisites to the update(s)? Not finding much information.
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Chris MillardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to install SP3 before installing any roll ups. You can get SP3 from:-
abustraanAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the prompt response. This is what I had found for updates and there weren't links for the base service packs.

Although now I found this page:

Shame MS didn't include these links on the Exchange Wiki.
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