Usb redirection with Citrix linux receiver 12.1 on ubuntu

I am trying to configure usb redirection with citrix Linux receiver. I have an usb device and I configured vid&pid values on xenapp policies. I have set same settings on Linux receiver (usb.conf file)but usb device did not redirect. I have done same setting using windows receiver and saw that it works with it. So, it seems there are some settings which must be done on Linux receiver. Do you have any idea?
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TAI-Author Commented:
@Casey It is on.
@Mutawadi: Thanks for that.

I have found the reason; smart card redirection needs pcsc-lite package to be installed with Linux receiver. I have installed it and redirection worked.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Ensure you have the latest Linux receiver version.

If you are using both XenDesktop and XenApp for double hop visit this site:

Even if not then have a look at it, as it will help in how to configure it.
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
go into /home/username/.ICAClient and VI wfclient.ini  

Make sure that this is set.


Stands for "client drive mapping"

TAI-Author Commented:
I have found the reason.
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