How would you write the HTML/CSS code to create a Web page with the contents in the attached word doc?

I am creating my first ASP.NET 4.0 application using C# and VS2010.

How would you write the HTML/CSS code to create the labels and buttons for a Web page with the contents shown in the following word document?
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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With ASP.NET, you don't have to write pure HTML, since you can have that HTML generated, and if you need some examples that met with your application type, I could provide that.

Since you are using Web Forms, then you can use the designer to create server-side controls that generate HTML for you.  CSS can be used in combination with the controls, to get just what you need.
Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
This is pure HTML and CSS...

What's exactly your problem?
Bob LearnedCommented:
What type of web application are you developing (Web Forms, MVC, ...)?
zimmer9Author Commented:
I am developing web forms.
Alexandre SimõesConnect With a Mentor Manager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Don't know what motivated @TheLearnedOne to ask you that but in my opinion that piece of information is irrelevant.
We're speaking about pure HTML and CSS here... whatever server-side technology you're using is irrelevant.

Unless you only want us to write that code for you I can't understand what's your problem.
Have you tried to do it?
Do you have your attempt that we can use to help you?
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