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Is http://www.rent-acoder.com/ a legitimate website?

Hi All

I used www.rentacoder.com years ago and someone did me some amazing animation work so I needed some work done recently and stumbled upon http://www.rent-acoder.com/ and thought it was the same site but now i'm concerned it may not be a legitimate website.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I've just deposited $10 and was about to give website details and super user details to the winning bidder but then spotted some bad reviews on a google search.
4 Solutions
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Attention RentACoder users, RentACoder has been acquired by Freelancer.com!

So no, rent-acoder.com is not the same site.

käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Rent-A-Coder changed their name (and domain name) last year (I think). Unfortunately, I can't remember what they changed it to. That domain redirects to freelancer.com now.

I find rent-acoder.com to be highly suspect since it only has one hyphen. Legitimate sites tend to put in proper punctuation (when it exists), and most often when you see a "mispelled" site it comes from a domain squatter who is actively looking for fat-fingered URL entries by users.
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
http://rentacoder.com is now part of the Freelancer network: http://www.freelancer.com/#rac

As far as the site you mention here, it appears to be a competitor site, but I am not seeing anything positive about it.

Reputation Ratings from ThatWeb are below 50%, and the PageRank is very low for the domain age.

I would say you stumbled upon a poor knockoff.

Chris StanyonCommented:
RentACoder.com is registered to a company in Florida

Rent-aCoder.com is registered to an individual in Romania

Enough said!!
matstaffsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great feedback.

Although it's not 100% clear this site is legit or not i'm going top go with freelancer.com and try there.

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