Dual monitors lagging after 8.1 upgrade

Good afternoon, I have a roughly 6 month old Lenove Yoga13 w I7.  I run dual 24: monitors through a Lenovo/DisplayLink USB 3.0 hub. It worked without issue on 8. This week I upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1. At first it wouldn't recognize the monitors at all, so downloaded the new driver from Display link site. Finally got the both loading, but EXTREMELY SLOW (about 30 seconds to load a web page, won't play video, if you resize a browser window it freezes for a while) Messed with it for another day, removed and used the Display link cleaner, then installed the new hub drivers off the Lenovo site. Everything flew, for about 2 days, now it is back to being extremely slow again. I removed and reinstalled the drivers again, to no avail.

When the laptop is not connected to the hub, it absolutely flies. I have tried disconnecting one or both monitors from the hub, the mouse, the keyboard, the external drive, the speakers, and the hub still seems to have the same effect.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same setup. i had to run the  DisplayLink cleaner tool. from here http://www.displaylink.com/support/ticket.php?id=346 then update the other Lenovo drivers from their web site including bios.

After all that it worked like before.

DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
I didn't use the cleaner tool the second time, maybe that was the issue. A couple quick questions then: Is there something I need to not be doing so I don't keep corrupting the drivers? Second, I've never messed with the BIOS on any of my computers, how would I update that?


When you moved from windows 8 to 8.1 it was a large jump. Normally this is a small jump and this would not happen. Think of it like this: When windows Xp then came out no service packs,  service pack 1 then service pack 2. Windows 8.1 is like service pack 2.

As for the bios as long as you close all programs and shut down antivirus before running the update you will be fine. Newer computer update within windows now then reboot to truly install the update.


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DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding, I had to uninstall Lojack, which took 24 hours, before I could update the bios. It looked to me like the bios I downloaded was the same as what was there, all the numbers matched, but I went ahead anyway. I went and updated all the 8.1 drivers from the lenovo site, I rebooted, installed the display link driver, set up the two monitors, all was good. It would open multiple windows in chrome, open links, anything, as fast as I could click.

But within about 2 minutes it slogged right back down. Even as I type this, it is about 15-20 keystrokes behind me sometimes. I'm fast, but not that fast.

Anywhere else I can look to troubleshoot this? I just want to work!

Thanks again for all the help.

DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
CT, I found the cause, kind of. I have two 24" monitors (3 and 2 in setup), one is primary. The screen on the laptop is setup as 1, which I don't think makes a difference. I have the laptop blacked out, the other two extend to each other.

It all works perfectly until I start to push down the screen of the laptop to close it, about half way down, the audio and the video go to crap and everything starts creeping.

Any ideas on fixing this, or should I just keep the laptop screen up?!

Thanks again.

Rahul BansalCommented:

I'm sailing in the same boat. Got a Lenovo X1 Carbon(Windows 8.1 clean install) with the USB 3.0 Dock connected to 2 DELL 24" monitors. I tried uninstalling DisplayLink v7.5 software & installed v7.4 M4 in hope of any performance improvements today but it did not help.

When I'm at home without the dock, laptop works fine.

I'll try keeping the lid open tomorrow as per your suggestion tomorrow & let you know my findings.

Every morning I spend 2-3 hours updating drivers\windows\troubleshooting this stupid issue before sitting down to get the actual work done.

Glad to know I'm not alone.

DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
Rahul, it has worked flawlessly since then for me, with the lid open. I feel for you, I killed the better part of a week messing with it.

I would be interested in knowing if that solves it for you as well.

Take care.

Rahul BansalCommented:
Well. I uninstalled 7.4, ran cleaner tool & installed 7.5. Hooked the dock & dual monitors sucked.

As soon as I removed the DVI cable for the 2nd monitor from the dock, the performance soared.

I guess I'll live with 1 24" monitor for now & wait for DisplayLink to provide better compatible drivers with Lenovo Carbon X1 & Windows 8.1.

Maybe it has to do something with Intel USB 3.0 drivers for Windows 8.1 (which are not available yet & I'm running whatever Windows chose best are.)

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