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Caps Lock issue in Remote Desktop Services running Windows Server 2012 Standard


User is logged into Remote Desktop Services running on virtualised (VMWare esxi) Windows Server 2012 Standard. They could be typing something into a dialog box and it starts out in lowercase and then suddenly the caps lock key activates and it starts displaying the typed letters in uppercase. The caps lock light indicator on the keyboard remains off. Press the caps lock key and the light indicator turns on and the typed text is in lowercase. Minimise the RDP screen to taskbar and maximise the screen "corrects" the state of the caps lock.

This issue happens intermittently I have multiple users that have experienced this problem, but for one user it happens on a regular occurance (at least half a dozen or more times a day).

Things tried:

Changing computer, keyboard and mouse. Changing operating systems (happens with both Windows 7 and XP). Updating RDP client under both operating systems. All the research that I've done relates to either Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 operating systems.

Any suggestions?
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try tapping shift twice
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@donnk: Tried that and it made no difference.
Hey Peak-Support,

Do u have solved the problem?
I have a customer with exact the same problem as u described. They have also VMWare on ESXi and a RDS Server 2012R2. Our costumer has also RES Workspace Manager. (

Here is what we did:
- changed Thin client to PC --> same problem
- Different Keyboard --> Same problem
- More than one user with the same problem

Searching on Google have showed us that the problem could be in VMWare, in RES of in Windows.

Today we found an article witch may solve the problem by removing the keyboard layout. We created an IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout DWORD in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout and setting it to 1.  We will wait a couple days to see if this is the problem.
If not, and u having stile the same problem, then we will contact Microsoft.

So I hope u have found a solution!
No. l have not found a solution to this issue. I have not tried that Keyboard Layout you have suggested - let me know if it works for you!

What ESXi version do you have? I'm tempted to either upgrade to 5.5 or move to Microsoft Hyper-V.
The Keyboard Layout does not work. I have contacted MS support and opened a Case.
At this moment we are troubleshooting whit the MS support team. I will update u when we found a solution.  
But it could take a wile..

I don’t think the problem is in ESXi, we have many customers with ESX and Hyper-V and no othher custumer has this problem. I Found an KB article with almost the same problem. Different is that de KB was for an Japanese Keyboard.
Thanks for the update. Interested to see what Microsoft has to say!
Hi, is this problem coincidentally on a Vmware host whereas the VM for the terminal server is a version 10 VM (on the vm hardware level)?

I am having the exact same problem with a 2012R2 server on 5.5 Vmware platform, and this is the only mismatch I can see from other VM's (the version 10 hardware level)
My VM version that I have the problem on is version 8.

The reason I think I get it happening with one specific user significantly more than everybody else is because that user uses the caps lock key like the shift key. So types the sentenace:
<caps lock>I<caps lock> saw that <caps lock>F<capslock>rank gave his dog <caps lock>R<caps lock>alph some food.
Hah, that sounds unpractical... Could be that in your case...
Not so sure in my case as it happens very randomly on many users.
I get it happening randomly for other users too.. I just get it happening several times a day with that one particular user.
We have an answer from MS support:

ISSUE: In RDP session, intermittently "Caps Lock" would turn on for users. When it turns ON, the cap locks light stays off on the keyboard.
CAUSE: Still Unknown.
RESOLUTION: No known solution as of now, we have the product group team to be finding a fix for this issue.

Please note: As we didn’t deliver you a resolution, we have marked this incident as ‘non-decrement’ for you. Hence, this incident is being closed as a free case.
But doing so, if would like to revisit this incident in future. We will have to request for a new incident as this one has been refunded. We will then be glad to continue working with you.

Please remind that there more problems with keyboard and RDP session!
I found a solution and the root cause for the users in my case...
In Office applications like Word, there is a "Auto correct the accidental use of cAPS LOCK" feature.
This autocorrects misuse of Caps lock in Word/Outlook etc, but the problem happened when Outlook/Word did this, and the light on the users keyboard did not sync with it! So the caps lock light stayed on, but caps lock was turned off. This makes the caps lock function and caps lock light to completely fall out of sync.

I have not heard any complaints from the user after disabling this feature in Office.
@Datamex Helpdesk - that sucks that they haven't found a solution yet.

@Supportosio - That's very interesting. For me, the problem happens when they are typing within a non-microsoft application. However they do have office programs, such as Outlook, open in the background so it may still be affecting it. Unfortunately the specific user that this was happening for is now accessing the system differently and I cannot test with that user.

Summary: I want to leave this case open as we will be reconfiguring our system as soon as the internet connection at one of our sites is upgraded and this problem is going to return.

I know! MS has recognized the problem. They have now several cases in investigation. I will get an message from MS team when the fix is ready. I will try to remember when we have a fix to post an massage. According to develop team they expect to have a pre-fix in upcoming weeks.

We have also this problem in non-MS applications. But as I mentioned before, the problem exists in several scenario's as MS told me.
@Datamex - I look forward to Microsoft's response
Has there been any further updates from Microsoft on this issue yet?
I am also seeing this issue with a client running Server 2012 R2 RDP (running on XenServer 6.2) and Dell WYSE T10 Thin Clients.
Not as far as I know. I sent Datamex a private message on Experts Exchange last week asking if he had an update. No response yet.
I have the exact same issue. Windows Server 2012R2 Terminal server on the metal. I kind of have a workaround for it, if you minimize the session, tap caps lock on and off, then maximize the session the problem goes away, unfortunately I'm not so sure thin clients will have the same luck. Interesting that MS hasn't solved this yet.
Hi Kentad,
The problem I have is that the users look at their keyboard rather than their screen and can type quite an amount of text before they realise the problem has happened.

I've all but given up that Microsoft will fix this issue.


Beliave or not, i found a way to get this resolved.

It is "quickfix" but better than lost the job lol !!!

I just installed it at my all thinclients and worked. Its gave a hard and stupied job, but Microsoft dont care about us

Enjoy !!
How is this a solution? Correct me if I'm wrong but this only gives us a software indication of what state the caps lock is in. It does not fix the fact that the state between the machine and keyboard is inverted..
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