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Add value to array using CodeIgniter

I am using CodeIgniter to generate some query results, and then in a second step using a foreach loop to run a method using values from the query result. What I would like to do now is to somehow combine the new variable with the original query. Here is the code so far:

$qryOriginal = $this->db->query("SELECT 1 as BAND, 
  FROM tblappeals 
  WHERE tblappeals.Property = $pn ");

foreach ($qryOriginal->result() as $row)
$var3 = $this->getPhaseIn($calcyear, $row->var1, $row->var2);
    echo $var3; //HOW CAN I ADD THIS $var3 VALUE TO qryOriginal ???  

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There must be an easy way to add this new value to the original query. I just don't know how to do it. I was thinking to use array_push(), but that doesn't seem to be the right function. Any ideas?
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Thanks Terry, that was awesome.  You nailed it first shot.  Made my night.