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wireless access point settings

just recently moved our remote office to another nearby office location but in the new location, there is a new gateway/router that handles internet access which replaced the T1 line they had in the other building.  All the wired devices work fine but there is a linksys wireless router connected to the switch there and just recently i went into the router settings and noticed it reported no connection to internet which would explain why wireless devices are not able to get out to the internet using that linksys.  My question is what should the internet ipv4 settings be on the linksys since currently it has the public ip address of the T1 provider which is supposedly turned off already so should the default gateway point to the public ip of the new isp?  Dhcp is not enabled on the linksys but there is a dhcp server on the network.  Thanks.
1 Solution
What is the model of the AP and have you printed out/backup the exiting configuration.  You might do a rest to factor setting in reinstall the setting you need for your new site.

Mike RoeCommented:
It should point to the same ip that you have setup for the other computers to get to the internet
paulfarmerIT DirectoryCommented:
You need to set the device up as an Access Point:

Setup your wireless settings as usual, whatever SSID, security, and passphrase you want.
On the LAN side, give the linksys an internal IP & network mask that matches your current setup.  
On the Internet side, set it all to automatic.
Turn off DHCP.
Then plug the CAT 5, cable coming to the linksys, into one of the 4 LAN ports.  Do NOT plug it into the WAN port.

This makes the Linksys function as a switch with a wireless Access Point.
Your main gateway/router will take care of all routing/DHCP, etc...
dankyle67Author Commented:
That sounds correct about making it an access point since in the other building it was the primary router and was connected directly to T1 so thats where those public  ip addresses would make sense in the internet section but now that it is connected to the switch and not directly to T1 it should be  configured as access point as you stated.  Thanks.
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