(Exchange) server unavailable

I have a problem with 1 PC (out of 60) not wanting to connect to Exchange.

The versions and equipment:

Laptop is a Dell E6530 with Core i7 running Windows 7 64-bit
The Exchange server is running MS Server 2003 with Exchange 2007
The Laptop was pretty much straight from the factory and I might have stripped off a little bit of the bloatware that it usually comes with.

The issue:
With Outlook 2010 and a fresh outlook profile (I commented out the old .psts etc) I try to connect to the exchange server while logged on as the user. (user is a local admin)

The windows says "loading profile", times out and says "the server is unavailable" with the options to "Retry", "Work Offline", or "Cancel"

Given, if I hit "Retry" it may work BUT it still has a looooong lag before Outlook comes up. Way too long, as in minutes. So this one user has this one problem that is dibilitating.

More random details:

-The user can access OWA no problem
-The user did get married a year ago and I had to change her name (shouldn't be a huge problem since this problem hasn't occured until I loaded Outlook 2010)
-I sometimes suspect any programs from Wave (Trust) Systems loaded on Dell PCS as historically these have caused huge problems. Lately, these programs seem to be more hidden so I wonder if that could have any effect.
-I have tried to add the Exchange server IP to the hosts file
-I have disabled IPV6 on ALL adapters and disabled wifi etc.
-I have gone into our DNS server to make sure there are no other logs for the PC's same IP addr in there.
-I verified all of the Exchange services are running
-I updated ALL of the Windows Updates current as of this morning
-I've disabled caching in the new Outlook profile
-the user used to have Outlook 2003 and was having problems accessing a conference room calendar for some reason. The user had all the correct permissions but when she went to view the calendar it would throw an error that she didn't have permissions.

Other people have suggested maybe it's Autodiscover, maybe the switch is having issues (but I have the laptop at my desk and that's on a different switch) Maybe the GC Server is having issues etc etc.
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Paul MacDonaldConnect With a Mentor Director, Information SystemsCommented:
Does this user have the same problem on a different computer?

Does a different user have the problem while on this laptop?

Is the laptop connecting via WiFi or copper?  If by copper, is WiFi turned off?

What does a ping to the Exchange server indicate?  What about a tracert?
hecgomrecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its sounds to me a DNS problem.

Check if the machine can resolve a ping command by the server name and then IP address.

Also, you can try to trace it to see if it gets lost and where.

If nothing works, is the device getting the LAN IP or it is in another LAN?
SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
some of the details on your question suggest a combination of the change of name and an autodiscover issue may be the problem.

cover the obvious stuff as mentioned by paulmacd above first and let us know if they don't get you anywhere.

ping exch server, try another user's account on this PC etc.

also, go to someone elses machine and use outlooks test facilities.

right click the Outlook icon in the system tray while holding the CTRL key down and you can access 'test e-mail autoconfiguration'

enter the faulty user's details and see what the results are.
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bubba_1234Author Commented:
ok, let me get the laptop back from her and try some of these things. THANKS!

I'll update when I can get some more info.
bubba_1234Author Commented:
So far so good. Here's what happened:

I ran "test e-mail autoconfiguration" and it came up sparkling like diamonds. No errors whatsoever.

But then I pinged the Exchange server and lo and behold it was somehow trying to route through our external IP to get to the server. So I looked at the wifi connections and disabled and/or flushed out all the old connections and made sure wifi was off. I then did an ipconfig /release and then /renew and made sure the IP was on our subnet. All good there.

So I pinged again and the correct exchange server came up. I ran tracert just to confirm and it was all showing the correct stuff.

I hit the Outlook icon and Outlook fired up without a hitch.

Sometimes the best solutions are the obvious ones. Hopefully this is the case.

I do wonder why the IP configuration was showing that external IP address though. And I'm not entirely sure how this will be avoided in the future since she will be using wifi on and off.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
The WiFi may be configured to use an external DNS server and so sent requests off the network and NAT couldn't understand how to let them back on.

In any case, happy to have helped.
bubba_1234Author Commented:
That is the case for sure. I guess I am now wondering how to get Windows to prioritize the copper vs. the wifi if she's in the office.

thanks again guys!! I'll award pts. shortly
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Just have Windows prioritize the copper connection always.  If it's not in use, it will just get bypassed.
bubba_1234Author Commented:
I ran "netstat -rn | more" and it was showing the copper adapter at the bottom of the list.  So I went into Network settings and re-prioritized the copper to 1st. Hopefully that will help!!

Thanks again!!!
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