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putting together a desktop and CPU question

could you suggest

1)if putting the below together will be easy for a person new to the tech world?
2)is the price point a big advantage?
3)what kind of applications warrant a 8 core processor?

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Not super easy but not hard to build.  Just follow the instructions that will come with the components.

The price is good.  I don't particularly like the motherboard Manufacturer but it will work good and who knows they may have cleaned their act up in the past few years since I've seen a problematic board from them. (They used to sell the cheapest boards and had many issues)

Windows 8 itself warrants the 8 core because it utilizes multiple cores for startup and shutdown also, many applications can now use the multiple cores but the biggest reason.  Is the future.  People are developing programs that take multiple cores to run properly and if you get multiple cores now you may not have to upgrade in the future.  You may never need the 8 core CPU but do you want to find out that you did later on just to save 50-100 bucks to get a 4 or 6 core?
1) if putting the below together will be easy for a person new to the tech world?

If the assembler hasn't had experience (two or three computer assembly jobs roughly) then they should enlist the help of someone.  There should be a manual for the motherboard which does help a lot.  However care will be needed for operations such as installing the CPU and memory.  You can find generic online computer assembly guides which also help.

3) what kind of applications warrant a 8 core processor?

Probably very few.  Video encoding applications, intense graphics applications such as Photoshop.  Some games would use two to four cores.  However if you were running four or five applications at once (eg, browser, word processor, email music player) then the OS might assign a core to each application.
1. you need to go through a learning curve, so it is possible you make errors.
you can always find tutorials for installing components on the net + READ and use the motherboard reference, and user guide.
best use an ANTI-static wrist wrap, to avoid static damage
2.is the price point a big advantage?  NO, on the contrary; you can find pre-assembled systems from known manufacturers at a lower price, eg DELL, or HP, or ASUS
3. for a normal user, there are very few applications that need an 8 core CPU, but you can see it as an investment in the future; your CPU will be fast enough for say the coming 4-5 years, while an i3 processor can slow things down in a year or 2
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2.is the price point a big advantage?  NO, on the contrary; you can find pre-assembled systems from known manufacturers at a lower price, eg DELL, or HP, or ASUS

I would like to see you find one of these towers anywhere near the same price point with the same specs.  And I would even grant you $100 towards Windows 8.  The price is good.  Building a bargain PC yourself you would never be able to compete.  Building a gamer PC like this you can beat the big boys every time because they make a lot of profit on their high end stuff.
Just be sure to assemble the system soundly.  In other words, make sure you use all the screws to mount the motherboard and assemble the cabinet.  The biggest mistake I see first time assemblers make is thinking it is OK to use only a couple screws to keep the motherboard or hard drive in place.  You must keep in mind that the designers of the motherboard would not make holes in it if they did not need to.

Flexing of the cabinet because you left some screws out can kill and otherwise nice system.

Also, make sure to discharge the static from your body before handling components. I would try to wear clothing that does not generate static when you work on your computer.  Static may not kill your components but it can shorten their life or make a system unstable.

The case is pretty, definitely make sure you put all the screws in.

I have seen systems flex and the video card pull out of the motherboard only because someone did not put all the screws in.

It should be a very nice computer.  Have fun and learn with it.
25112Author Commented:
quiet helpful- thanks.
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