How to remove unwanted objects and text from a picture?

Dear Experts,

I have Photoshop CS6, I know I can do it with Ps, but I am newbie, and I am always in a hurry...
I want to remove unwanted objects, text, Date stamps AND watermarks from a picture.
Specially text to translate from English to Spanish, I found the following software:

It's fun to paint over the unwanted image and watch it disappear
Intuitive interface

Larger, more awkward objects make a bit of a mess

It seem InPaint  is an adware I don't want to take the risk:

McAfee interrupted my download, saying the file contained a virus or spyware and could damage my harddrive. I canceled the download.

I had the same warning from ESET Smart Security. I tried other download sites and got the same virus warning.

I am trying to find a clean software (malware free)  to do this task

Any suggestions are more than welcome, here is an example of what I want to do, change text from English to Spanish

Change text from English to Spanish
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a good starter tutorial. Just read about the clone stamp tool, Ignore the others until later.

ALWAYS work on a backup copy and save various versions as you go along so that you can go back and grab parts that you liked from other experiments.

Great way to learn.

Check back as you go along and we can give hints and suggestions.
David BruggeCommented:
If you think about it for a moment, you will realize that there is no software that can put back what is not there. You have an image that is made up of, what looks to the computer like a bunch of colored dots.

There are software algorithms that can examine the dot and try to find patterns such as this dark area seems to be going in this direction, but it must fill in the missing areas from what is already in the picture to begin with.

The image that you posted is tough for a computer. Look for instance at the red word "online" with the black background. It covers part of the redhead characters head. There may be an algorithm that is smart enough to realize that that the red hair area is part of a circle and that it should close that circle and fill it with more hair (and that would be quite a feat, not to mention the shading of the hair with light and shadow), But for the computer to realize that the edge of the door is behind the character and should extend up above the head and that the blue wall should fade with a nice gradient to the edge of the door frame is asking way too much. Same goes for figuring out the folds in the clothing behind the "50% off."

This project is a great project to learn digital art and how to work software. It will take and artist with some skill and patience. It is not a good candidate for a quick fix.

If you really need to use it, and of course if you can do it without any copyright infringements, I would suggest that you sample a nearby color and setting the brush to darken, fill in the lettering as best you can, then blur the total area and set new text over it. It won't be pretty, but it will get the job done.
rebelscum0000Author Commented:
Yes, you are right, any good tutorial for Photoshop @ yourtube that shows me how to do what I want? OR how to do your suggestion?

BTW is InPaint lying about its features?

Thanks in advance

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David BruggeCommented:
I wouldn't say "lying" as much as I would say perhaps exaggerating what they are capable of doing. The demos always work great if they are allowed to pick out the images to work with. It's the same science behind photoshop's "content-aware" fill. It looks for patterns and tries to match them. Sometimes it works great, most of the time...not so much.
Hi  rebelscum0000
my 2 cents what you want to do is not that simple>change text from English to Spanish<< and keeping the background image.
You need to make layers in photoshop and  highlight the text cut out the text then you need to fill the empty space that's left behind, you could use the magic wand to refill it using the current colours in that area.
add in your new text over the new areas then.
It would be a lot simpler to make your own images to preview Grand Theft Auto and then just add your own Spanish Text.
( so long as they don't contravene copyrights) not be used in public to promote the product )
There is already legit promo in spanish look here the URL will open to the image I selected you can browse them from there.
May I ask what your intending to do with these?
rebelscum0000Author Commented:
@ D_Brugge: I try the Patch tool and I love it and the clone stamp tool is magic!!!
@ Merete: I want to do these, because the news @ are more recent than the news @,  I am not promoting a product.
I want to have the latest news about GTA V in my facebook page but in spanish
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No worries rebelscum0000 and thanks for clarifying it
It's quite time consuming are you sure you want to go these avenue?
 and were you to do this every week might be a good idea to use images with no Text over and just add the info underneath
the goal is to have the latest news about GTA V in your facebook page but in spanish so an image with no text will resolve that.
If we could find a Spanish web site for GTA V
I know when I put a link in my Facebook it creates a thumbnail view of that so the thumbnail image is actually provided,
you could simply post a link to their homepage, I know it's in English but the page contains good images with no text over it.
Or link the GTA V Facebook to your Facebook
But  as D_Brugge offered we are here to help and advice with fixing the image using the magic wand and clone tools
All the best
rebelscum0000Author Commented:
Thanks you very much for your help!!! and the GTA V links!!
rebelscum0000Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice!
Thankyou and you are welcome
 glad to help
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