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segmentation of VM

are there any official VM documents/guidance on segregating your virtual machines across various hosts? i.e. domain controllers etc.
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Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
You've kind of lost me there, what do you mean by segregating across hosts?

So, are you wanting to have a number of VM's go to one domain controller and another bunch go to another or?
pma111Author Commented:
I mean for example if you have 2 domain controller VM's that they arent on the same host, that kind of design strategy.
Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
Ohhh I see what you're saying now

Ok so, right click the cluster that you want to do this on, go to edit settings, then to DRS group manager. Put all your domain controllers in a single group.

Next go to Rules Add the group into the rule and then select separate virtual machines.

That will ensure they don't go on the same host :D
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
It's common sense, to ensure that your Domain Controllers and Exchange Servers are "spread" across different hosts in the farm.

We've discussed this before, with DRS and the use of Affinity and Anti-Affinity Groups. if you have DRS, if you do not have DRS, it makes common sense "not to have all your eggs in one basket".
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
If you can let us know the number of VMs that you have in your network and the role that they play; Experts (designers) will be able to provide suggestions and recommendations.

That will definitely help you avoid single points of failures, HA at its best, and other recommendations to keep your network UP most of times OR minimize downtime to max possible value :-)
pma111Author Commented:
I was just hoping there may be a vmware specific guide/best practice in this area..
Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
I told you the best way to do it though, did that not work for you?
pma111Author Commented:
I'd prefer some formal vmware documentation to site as "best practice",you'd also only mentioned AD, I wondered what other types of system are stored on seperate hosts.
Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
Ah right, I mean you can use that solution for any application server and in all honesty you shouldn't have a primary and secondary on the same host anyway.

This isn't really down to VMware but more common sense. I DRS the following away from each other on a host

DC (including DHCP and DNS)
File server nodes
Application boxes
IIS servers
SQL databases
Citrix NetScalers

It takes a bit of configuring but you should just split up anything that is in a cluster or has a counterpart.


pma111Author Commented:
Ok thanks Alex, will split points shortly
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