List of email websites

Hi All,

I want to block our users from accessing personal email websites on their laptops.

Is there a list of URLs anywhere - e.g. top 100?

I plan to add a HOST file entry, so it redirect them to a warning message.

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pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are all kinds ways to compile that information.  For example:
Will give you a starting point of the tope 100 from their perspective of "free" email sites.
Alex Green3rd Line Server SupportCommented:
Your best option would be something like Websense

If you have the time to configure it then something like would work well.
detox1978Author Commented:
We have a proxy server to manage the content, however they switch it off.

I'm not allowed to enforce it as they complain they can't access "hotels".  I do reapply it using group policy, but know for a fact some people just uncheck it and carry on.
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Chris MillardCommented:
Could you perhaps use OpenDNS and block web based email services?
The problem with a "top 100" list is that practically every ISP offers some form of email.  That would be a lot more than 100.
detox1978Author Commented:
OK, any list will do... hotmail, gmail, outlook, yahoo.... etc...
detox1978Author Commented:

Here's the list for anyone else who might be interested

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