viewing, zooming and navigation for very large high-resolution images

Posted on 2013-12-06
Last Modified: 2014-09-17
I am trying to show a very large image and be able to 'navigate in every direction and zoom similar to maps viewer (the example I am attaching is only a partial view, the final image will be a lot larger than the one shown)

I found this software:
G Map Image Cutter
that uses Google maps

My question:
Is there any other software I can use? Recommendations?
I don't want: Google logo, terms of use, and I need a full black background (there is gray in the sides)

This is the example (again, the file will be that height but 20 times wider than the one i am showing)

Two more things:
I use a Mac 10.6.8
and I am looking for a html5 based viewer or similar, non flash

Thank you!
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Hi Rafael
These maybe what you're looking for.
Just for ideas,
this first one is like a Panorama viewer 3D  with full scroll circumference zoom and pan by just left clicking on the screen of the chosen image to move left hold mouse down and push left right push right scroll in scroll out  and so on.
krpano HTML5 Multiresolution Preview


And a Video for the Leadtools

Zoomit with a black border,
Option #1: Upload your panorama image to Flickr (or Dropbox or SkyDrive) and paste the image URL inside
This is a Microsoft service that adds a beautiful viewer to any high-resolution image that you can easily embed into other websites. The viewer has a full-screen mode and is also compatible with mobile and touch-screen devices. See demo:

Hope they come in handy and give you some ideas

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Great! Seems that '' will work. Thank you Merete!

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One more thing:
There is one thing I'd love for the '' version.
Using the mouse to navigate in different directions, I think that a "hand tool" mouse cursor instead of the arrow will help people to understand that they can move the image.
Any idea if this is possible?
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That's good to hear  rafaelrafa glad I could help
 you'd need to look at the api and if there is any programming/scripting there that can change the mouse to a hand tool or pointer, but I don't think it would take much to find out how it works as soon as you click anywhere the movement will produce an action.
Look to this at the bottom of the page >Here are some good Javascipt based techniques (no Flash required) that will let you embed panoramas in web pages:
Cyclotron – Simple jQuery plugin for adding panoramas with support for horizontal dragging but no on-screen controls.
TouchPanView – Lets you fit any large image into a giving div and visitor can use the mouse or touch gestures to interact with the panorama. IE and mobile friendly.
Panorama Viewer – Another jQuery based panorama viewer but one offers auto-scroll in the horizontal direction. No option for vertical dragging.
[*] While iOS 6 is available for the iPad as well, the Panorama mode is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I did notice
Look down the page at the demo images
the first at Option #1:  Upload your panorama image to Flickr (or Dropbox or SkyDrive) and paste the image URL inside>>>uses the mouse

Option #2:  the Google Maps API allows such creative uses and you can build a Google Maps based viewer for your panorama in seconds
the same panorama image embedded inside Google Maps:<<>> has a hand instead of the mouse.
It seems there is different java scripts that may assist you
here's their page
the API, you'll need silverlight
Quote>We provide a Silverlight class library that makes talking with the API from Silverlight a breeze. And with Deep Zoom built into Silverlight, the possibilities are endless.

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Hi Merete,
I tried but I just noticed that works only in my computer (Mac 10.6.8) using safari. It doesn't work on: chrome, firefox and I also tried it in an ipod touch. All resulting in a black background with no image or controls, just blank.
Any ideas on what could be causing this problem?
Thank you!

PS: Thank you for your prompt response regarding the mouse cursor styles.
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Good day rafaelrafa
I have no idea really, are you embedding it in a web page accessable from those browsers?
Forgive but using a MAC is outside my experience range.
Also Safari.
But with the nature of any software look to the requirements.
So my contributions are based on that.

Could be the type of images or the settings. converts your image to the Deep Zoom format, which lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image, no matter how large. is capable of taking any image on the web and modify it with a Deep Zoom twist. The new  content created by can be shared via a link, or embedded in websites.
I tested the link I posted above using Firefox, works fine
Chrome works fine.
 And of course Internet explorer 11
The common denominator is that I am running windows and have Silverlight and .netframework  installed with the latest versions of these browsers.

You're testing from (Mac 10.6.8) using safari. And a Mac version of the other browsers?

At a guess it has to be how you are embedding the web player over all the browsers? from the MAC
Please take a look through the Help sections
Because our API is RESTful by default, it’s easy to use on any platform that supports HTTP. To illustrate, the examples below use the popular, cross-platform command-line tool cURL.
To convert your content (image, webpage, PDF, SVG, ...) to a Deep Zoom Image, just make an HTTP GET request to<url> where <url> is your content’s URL. Be sure the URL starts with http:// or https://, and be sure to URL-encode any special characters inside it.
Please continue here>>includes how to look for problems
API Quickstarts - HTTP
API Helper Libraries
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