Excel 2007 will not display sheets

I'm not an Excel wiz, but I have a file I created at work and it has 4 sheets to it that are accessible by the sheet tabs at the bottom.  I emailed this file and several other multi-sheet files to my home and opened them up in Excel.  The same exact Excel that is on my work computer.  Same operating system, Win 7.  BUT the sheet tabs at the bottom are gone on every file.  Where did it go and how do I get it back?  I can take this file back to work and the sheet tabs are there, back at home they are gone. Help!
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byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My guess is that your monitor is smaller at home than at the office, and that you have not maximized the worksheet within the application window.

Try clicking the Maximize icon (circled in picture below) at upper right of the worksheet (not application) pane. You may need to drag the worksheet (where shown) to the left in order to see it.
Maximize worksheet icon
Refer to:

On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format.
Excel Ribbon, Home tab, Cells group
Under Visibility, click Hide & Unhide, and then click Unhide Sheet.
In the Unhide sheet box, double-click the name of the hidden sheet that you want to display.
NOTE   You can unhide only one worksheet at a time.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also on the home machine try an Office Repair just to be sure. Go into Trust Center in Excel and check (select) the option that says "Download a file from Microsoft periodically".  Close out of Office applications, go to Control Panel, click on Office, Change and Repair. Allow the Repair to run and check.

Make sure all 3 Office Service packs have been applied.

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ArtG2521Author Commented:
Well, byundt it worked!  I feel like....DOH! I'm an idiot
Thanks for the simple, yet elegant solution! LOL
Excel 2013 makes it much harder to have the type of problem you encountered because the application pane is designed to display one document at a time. Excel 2010 and earlier are designed to display more than one document. As a result, they have the pane sizing controls that both create and fix the problem you encountered. I've been bitten by it myself :-)

ArtG2521Author Commented:
Thanks for that tip.

I am also NOT a fan of Microsoft doing away with Office as an installed program and going with a cloud based program.  I don't mind the cloud for some things, but I always want the option of a fully installable program.
Office 365 is not a cloud-based program. Rather, it is an annual subscription for programs that are installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

Like any software developer, Microsoft wants to increase revenues. That perfectly good copy of Office 2007 that you are using isn't generating any new revenue for Microsoft, so they want to encourage you to upgrade to the latest. The annual subscription is a way for them to reduce your up-front cost for the upgrade and encourage you to keep current.

In the future, you will see features added more frequently (several times a year) to Office 365, but only once every three to four years for regular Office. You may also see a number of features be exclusive to Office 365.

A quote from Star Trek TNG applies to this situation: "Resistance is futile."  Microsoft is not alone, as other developers (Adobe, Symantec, McAfee, etc.) are also pushing towards a subscription business model. As a power-user of Excel, I plan to purchase Office 365 myself--even though I have perfectly good copies of Office 97 through 2013. I have to go where the features are.

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