Is there an app to view a remote Kindle's screen (for tech support like Amazon's "Mayday")

I gave my parents a Kindle HD and would like to be able to view their screen remotely from home for tech support purposes. But all the apps I see are for viewing (and controlling) a remote PC FROM the kindle - I need the opposite.

Tried, Teamviewer, etc. but they all work the opposite of what I want.

Anyone know of an app that would let me view a remote Kindle users screen - the same way that the new "Mayday" feature works with the new Kindle Fire HDX?
Sal SoricePresidentAsked:
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LingerLongerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out TeamViewer's Mobile Page -
It describes what you're looking for down at the bottom.
Sal SoricePresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks! That will do it!
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