recreate nameserver on new ip

hi all

am moving from a VPS to a dedicated server and need the domains to link over to the new hosting but i dont have the logins for some of the old domains. The domains use my nameservers on the VPS so i was thinking...

if i recreate a nameserver to use the IP of my dedicated server then will the old domains that are using the nameserver link to the new ip? or will they get confused and still be set to the old ip?

can you see any problems with this?
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xtermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes and no.

You will need to change the A and NS records for ns1 and in your panel, but this will have no effect unless you change the actual REGISTERED name/IP combination with

So you will have to log in there, and change their records for ns1/ to point to the new IP addresses.

Right now, if you do a whois lookup on the domain, it returns this:

    Name servers:  

You have to change that with your registrar.  This is what the rest of the world uses to locate the IP of your DNS servers, so they know where to send the queries to for the other names, like www, mail, etc.
If you have a registered hostname for the VPS (ie. NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM) then you only need to change that in the root to the IP of the new dedicated server, and all the domain queries will then follow the change.

On the other hand, if every domain is different (ie. NS1.DOMAIN1.COM) and you are unable to login to the registrar site for that domain, then you will have to set up a forwarder on the VPS to the new dedicated server for each domain.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
the vps will be taken down so the nameserver: will be moved to the new server on new ip
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Do all the domains have NS1.TSEOC.CO.UK listed as their primary DNS server?

If so, all you have to do is make one single change to the registered DNS server name above and change it from the old IP to the new one.

You will need the VPS to stay up for at least one day after the new dedicated server is set up however, otherwise you will affect service.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
i only have till midnight tomorro. will it be ok to have the nameserver die with the VPS on the VPS ip and set up on new dedi later?
As soon as the nameserver dies on the VPS, your domains will stop working, but after you change the registered hostname for to the new IP on the VPS, they should all start working again.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
Hi xterm sorry been busy i managed to get the server extended to friday night.
just reread your posts.

yes all the domains have NS1.TSEOC.CO.UK listed as their primary DNS server
and they also have NS2.TSEOC.CO.UK

When you say "change the registered hostname for"

Does that mean i need to change the ip on the A record in my plesk panel (on old server) for the domain and then make sure on the new server to have the A records on to have the new ip allso?

do i change any other records?

This will be my last post then i will accept the solution.

these are the dns records for on the old server:

*	CNAME / 24	PTR	TXT	o=~	TXT	p=MHwwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADawAwaAJhANBYuCLtB63u4Vs9iPGtfvOA50NzQ/XPPxobhvh46gWfHl1MkiL7f49S4+W4NhD5HKrE5qDOPZQFlyNYDiS1TJtLrU3EgCVLba1D25UE0GznxB7LH4O6CjxhxjlkwF6S4wIDAQAB;	CNAME	A	A	A	NS	NS	A	MX (10)	TXT	v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx -all	A	CNAME

Open in new window

This is what the domain has on the new server (plesk DNS)

6S4wIDAQAB;	CNAME	A	A	A	NS	NS	A	MX (10)	TXT	v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx -all	A	CNAME

Open in new window

am going to change these records on the old server now:      A      A

to      A      A

hope this is correct :O ?
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
ok i just changed the ip glue record for at the fasthost panel that i bought the domain through.

sorry need to ask on more quick thing :P

you see how the ns1 and ns2 did have 2 ips  "174" at the end of the ip and "227"

well i think my new server only has one ip and i just set both the namervers on the new bedi box to have exactly the same ip and not 2 different ones:      A      A

is that ok or will i have to add another shared ip to the server?
You can just delete the record for ns2 since it will be pointless anyway if you only have one server.

However I do recommend setting up a secondary DNS server and adding that record back at some point if you do a lot of business using your domain name.
helpchrisplzAuthor Commented:
thankssssssssss!  awesome answers.
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