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We have a user that we can not import into sharepoint from AD.  The issue is we had a former user that had Username1 that left the company a while ago.  He does not show up in sharepoint anywhere.  Now we have a new user who has the same username Username1 setup in AD.  When the sharepoint sync runs it somehow sets up the original Username1 in SharePoint again even though they do not exist anywhere in AD.  We can not find where SharePoint is holding the data of the old user or how to remove it.  I am not the sharepoint admin so I hope it was wrote clear enough for help.
Tim LewisNetwork ManagerAsked:
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Tim LewisConnect With a Mentor Network ManagerAuthor Commented:
We had to go into the admin and manually delete the old user and then the new user came in properly.  Not sure why the old user was hanging around.
Have you tried a full ups sync rather than incremental? This might help flush out old values
Tim LewisNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
It does a full ad sync on the weekend. So it just did one Saturday
Tim LewisNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
found answer online
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