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I have a new Windows 7 desktop that is connected to KVM switch. I have another laptop that i switch between machines using one hot key.

The problem with WIndows 7 is monitor turns off after i switch to other laptop.

With my older XP problem I did not see this issue

I check the power setting and it was all high performance and to always keep display on.

How do you fix this issue to keep monito ON for a while?
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Is screen saver set to "none"?
I think you need a new KVM switch.  The one you have is not keeping the connection "alive" when you switch to the other PC.
What is the make and model of both the 7 PC and the KVM switch?


Yes, screen saver is set to none.

This seems a known windows 7 issue.

PC is OPTIPLEX 780  and KVM is NQ-GC96324

KVM was working fine with windows xp. i do not think it is KVM.
Please tell me what KVM switch?
this one produces null
KVM is NQ-GC96324 did not match any documents
So I can take a look at it's connections, you do understand using a KVM switch the idea is to have two towers and one monitor one mouse and keyboard.
The KVM acts as a switch at the front to switch between the computers so that just one monitor and mouse keyboard is used saving space
It sounds as if you are not using the kvm for this purpose
As you say here>I have another laptop that i switch between machines using one hot key.
I'd say that how you have this setup would disable the KVM since the Laptop has an inbuilt monitor and therefore when you switch to laptop you remove the KVM part.
The desktop:
 do you have it's monitor cabling connected to the KVM monitor? including the mouse and keyboard?
and the Laptop???
If I understand you you have a new windows 7 desktop connected to a KVM that's it? and then where is the laptop connected to what?
This is your key, regardless how it worked in xp could be that you have setup things incorrectly with the new setup, please fill in those details
Is the new windows 7 desktop digital dvi?
Do you have the audio and mic connected if so take them out if you use USB connection.
Don't use the speakers green plug with the USB when there is a KVM.

I'm using an Aten 2 port  KVMP switch with 2 towers right now.
Here's a photo I took of it recently since it's all a new build and to keep both my old windows 7x32 with my new windows7 x64 I needed to add a KVMP my old KVM became useless as it only supported vga and I now required DVI and this KVMP supports the green  audio cables with the USB. Not using the pink mic.
my kvmpKVMP2 port
4 port


it is IOGEAR KVM. I will verify the model number today.

I have two machines (desktop and laptop) and I just switch from one PC to another using one mouse, monitor and keyboard

It used to work fine with windowsXP desktop where PC would stay ON after I switch connection to laptop.

I did not see the digital dvi connection. i see one cable with two connection but wh nmonitos turns dark it say analog dvi. I think I also have the sound (green connector) connected.
Apparently the problem has to do with the monitors Display Data Channel (DDC)

It is a problem found with those KVM switches which did not pass the console display's EDID and DDC information to all the systems connected to the KVM switch. ...
Windows 7 checks display and display card constantly different from what XP and other operating systems did.
To solve this issue, just replace the KVM switch with those KVM switches supporting FULL TIME Active DDC function.
Please check ConnectPRO new UR or PR serial KVM switches which support Active DDC function to all the ports.

For what it's worth, a recent KVM I got, Monoprice KCF-141, seems to work fine with switching monitors with my Windows 7 desktop.

A workaround suggested in many places is to buy a VGA extension cable and break pin 12 off on the male end. This prevents the PC from detecting if the monitor is "off," and thus turning off its display.
ah that makes it a lot clearer thanks
Good job finding the KVM
sam15 makes a very valid point, so I cant really add more to that but to put it in simple words
It's not really suitable for what you want by the looks of it.
Looking at the diagram
IOgear diagramHow you have connected an external monitor
how you have connected thingsIf your not happy with using your laptop as the main monitor too small so did you add a bigger external monitor >>to the laptop?
Here in is the problem as this external monitor connected to your Laptop is communicating with your laptop keyboard/mouse  but not the KVM and the desktop.
Have you checked the monitor display settings on the Laptop?
Does the laptop identify with this usb monitor since the laptop has it's own monitor.
If you add this external monitor to the KVM then it should talk to everything.
Is this how you had everything before and you just changed from your previous XP desktop to a windows 7 and a Laptop?
The monitor connection in IOgear is also vga is this monitor DVI or vga?
This sounds like it's an issue with the connections, and not with Windows 7 at all. A KVM will switch Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor inputs. If the Desktop Monitor out is plugged into the KVM, say input 1, then switching to the laptop on input 2 will stop the monitor from getting the signal from input 1. This has everything to do with how KVMs work and nothing to do with Windows.

I'm guessing that if you had this KVM working the way you wanted with an XP desktop, you must've had it hooked up the XP PC differently.

Are you sure the KVM needs a monitor input? The ones I've worked with mainly need a PS/2 or USB input in order to power it and let it know that particular input is active. Try plugging the monitor directly into the desktop, while letting the keyboard and mouse still go through the KVM.


I will try that tomorrow but i doubt it will work without monitor cable input.

KVM has one monitor input and two USBs for keyboard and mouse.
Now that you tried this 3 days ago ;)
And results?


sorry for delay.
I took the monitor connection from KVM and connected directly to the desktop and it worked.
THe kvm switches monitor the mouse and keyboard fine.


Excellent answers!
glad to see you took the suggestions and solved it.

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