Citrix WMI service keeps going to Stopped state

Hi All,

My server is win2k8 running with Citrix 6.0 Xenapp version..Not sure why but Citrix WMI Service is keeps going in stopped state..I was able to start the service but it occurs every 1 or two hrs..

When i check the eventvwr ,i dnt find any error it just shows 7036 event without error..'

So far started the service almost 7-10 times..

Service set to manual..I dnt find any issues to start the service but its irriatating when my monitor tools alerts me that it keep  going stopping state..

Just now had a look..its keeps going start and stopping state automatically

Please help ..
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportAsked:
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Sekar ChinnakannuConnect With a Mentor Staff EngineerCommented:
Try to run the service using  local system account and check. Hope you have installed roll up pack 2. If not install the same.
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportAuthor Commented:
Its running in local account only..Could you please explain me what is the use of this service
:Citrix WMI service"

Also,please type the explanation ,please dnt give me any sites to read ..have already tried but need simple and great answers..

Also,what is roll up pack 2 ?

What is the use?
what happens if i install it?
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
Are you seeing and RSOP errors in the event viewer?

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Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportAuthor Commented:
I dnt have any errors ..Just the information event for those WMI stop and starts service..
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportAuthor Commented:
will check and update you
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportAuthor Commented:
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