Web Site on iPhone Doesn't Take the Whole Screen

I am trying to create a web site using responsive design. I have a test page set up at http://www.romancestuck.com/test-pages/iphone-font-sizes-with-changes.htm. When I go to it on my iPhone, it just shows the content in a very narrow column on the left side of the screen instead of using the full width of the screen. Could you let me know why this is?

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David S.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems that the last ad on the page ("#ad_footer_1") has content with a fixed width of 970px. That makes the iPhone fit a page that wide into a screen much less wide then that, hence the effective font-size shrinks.

Putting ads in a responsive layout is a challenge. I'm not aware of any good solution to it. One quick and dirty fix would be to give "max-width:100%" and "overflow:hidden" to the ads.

Do you really think that <br> elements are the most appropriate markup for that page? That sure looks like unordered lists to me. Also why does the page have an <h2> and <h3>s but not an <h1>? If the font-size is too big, use CSS to change it.
I don't know what you think responsive design is, but you do not have anything on that page to support any concept that could be called responsive.

So I think you need to start with an understanding of the terms:
Some of the link there will help a lot in undrstanding

Then you need exposure to the difference in mindset to do responsive design:

Then you need to understand the critical structure format built around media queries:


Or you can stumble around looking for plugins to implement "responsive design" ideas that someone else has and learn very little except how deal with the frustration of not being in control of your code.

As for iphone, it is always a problem, because Apple thinks they are too superior to follow standards, including not using the standard 96dpi for screens to map screens.

webstuck5Author Commented:
I did add some things to work towards it being responsive. I have also been reading a lot to learn more about it and asking questions on here to learn more. Maybe, if I could start with just getting the answer to my question of why the page only takes a small amount of the width of the iPhone would be helpful.

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webstuck5Author Commented:
A lot of the HTML problems are because I stripped the page content out of my CMS system to just focus on making it work on mobile devices first. So, when the CMS header and footer code gets added, it will have an <h1> tag. Yeah, the content should probably be in a list format. I was just using an old page as my test page. Thanks for answering my question. That makes a lot of sense! Let me test out your code to make sure it works and then I will award you the points!
webstuck5Author Commented:
Out of curiosity...you said for a "quick a dirty fix" use "max-width:100%" and "overflow:hidden"  but what is the longer fix...to just use smaller ads? I tried a smaller ad there before but probably since the whole page was being shrunk by mobile safari, it didn't look right.
David S.Commented:
The other solutions I've heard of are to use smaller ads or to use additional JavaScript code to select ads based on viewport size.
webstuck5Author Commented:
Thanks so much!
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