Help With Small Business Server 2011 Issues

Very shortly going to be installing SBS 2011 Standard in a friend's company. I have just
contacted the domain email hosting company regarding creation of A/MX records etc.
At the minute they send/receive email using pop3 accounts in Outlook express. As I say
they are going to be having a new server with SBS 2011.

The following is the reply below.

Everything is possible and any changes needed can be made according to any timescale you provide. We currently move / provide people to exchange in the cloud instead of maintaining a local server but the choice is yours.

1. Both and are set up to receive emails. presently is the main one with and alias, just because the website is known as The website references and the contact forms send there as well.

From your propestive, Id run with what ever the customer sees as their main domain and alias the other.

2. They all have access to webmail if required, Im sure they may use it at time.

3. re: A records ... yep, just let us know and we will set them up

4. SMTP server. Normally the SBS server would be the sending SMTP server? If you want an external SMTP server, we can provide that.

5. Anything else? When you move the mail system to their server, we will provide a backup MX service. this means that if the server has an issue, broadband fails, office has powercut etc. The emails will "queue" in the cloud and it will detect when the server is back and then deliver everything. The service collects up to 1gb of emails which is plenty of space. Without this service the emails would all be rejected. This service will be provided as part of their hosting service, so no charge will be made.

As far as I know most email shows up as being sent via the email address.
According to this then when I run the internet address wizard should I use the domin. When I add users, and add their email address, such
as firstname.surname, according to the above information will they receive email sent to
both the or address, or is there some further configuration needed.

As regards Hosted exchange which was mentioned at the top. How would this effect
SBS and how would you use one instead of the other.

Thanks in advance.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
In fact, unless I missed it,  you cannot change or add email addresses either from the console or ADUC in SBS 2011.

That is correct, it must be done via the Exchange Management Console or Shell.

And just to confirm, wants to be run through the SBS wizard and the  others should be done via the Exchange Console.

I would also 100% agree with the OP carrying out some training of at least some reading about setting up SBS 2011 before taking on an installation in a production environment.  My suggestion here would be to download an image of SBS 2011 and set it up on a virtual machine before tying it on a live server.
you can add as many email domains as you like to sbs, you can only have one default reply address though per person.
floyd197Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. Could you expand on it a bit further with regards to which domain to use. Thanks
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
If they have already agreed to go with SBS then it comes with Exchange 2010.  I wouldn't worry about hosted Exchange.

As per Donkn's comment.  You can add as many domain's into Exchange but this needs to be done via the Exchange Management console.  

The primary domain you will setup in the SBS Console, you would then add the additional domains as accepted domains in the Exchange Management console.

See here:

I would suggest asking your ISP to give your their SMTP details so that you can send the emails through them.  If they do not have one then use your web provider.  You can setup an SMTP smarthost in the SBS Console.

Take advantage of the additional MX record (Spool Record) provided by them.  It will mean that your emails don't bounce back if the on-site server goes down.

Important Note:
Outlook Express cannot connect to Exchange.  The client will either need to upgrade to Outlook or just use the Outlook Web Access.
floyd197Author Commented:
Right. According to the domain hosting company, as stated above, is that the domain is the main one. The email address at present in Outlook Express
is the address. Does this make any difference. So should I use
in the internet address wizard and then add as an accepted domain.

the default domain = wizard

any others manually add.
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
If you have not installed SBS 2011 before, and I sense from your inquiry that you have not, here is a peer reviewed article you might reference:

As for your stated question as to which is the "main" email to use, it is the one that folks would like to have as their reply address.  It sets up via the wizard, but you can customize each user independently in the AD properties of the user.  Add alternate addresses, and set the default reply address.  So Sally and Mary can receive mails sent to @address1.tld and @address2.tld, but Sally can reply with sally@address1.tld and Mary with Mary@address2.tld or any variation you manually add to here account in ADUC.
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Disregard the AD properties comment. In Small Business Server, you never directly edit users in Active Directory. Always use the SBS console. If you need to change a user's email reply address in contradiction to the address policy, do so in the Exchange Management Console. Make sure to uncheck the box regarding applying recipient policy. Do this sparingly as SBS console's hierarchy will overwrite many changes you try to make outside of it.


Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Good Catch, Gary.

Agreed, you should use Exchange Management Console to add email addresses and change default reply.  ADUC is not necessary in SBS 2011.  Must have been some previous life.

In fact, unless I missed it,  you cannot change or add email addresses either from the console or ADUC in SBS 2011.
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented: first, an invaluable experience, was to P2V a production SBS 2003. Then I isolated the network in the VMWare environment, loaded a virutual SBS 2008 and migrated it. 2008 had many more issues than 2011 so I learned a lot about what to and not to do.

VMWare allows you to snapshot the server(s) and restart when needs be.

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