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Need to span two drives on Windows Server 2008 R2 but concerned about programs already installed

Last Modified: 2016-11-23
Ok I am a newbie to Server 2008 R2 and have not used server in many years - yes backwards company with no money.

here is my problem
we bought a server from dell and install new programs ( fishbowl, QuickBooks, EDI transfer program and office ) on drive C.
My mistake did not realize that drive C was a partition and that there was a data partition (D)- the drives are basic - OS is  fully updated

The other day just before my vacation (figures) it popped up low on space - this is when I realized about the partition- my bad, my stupid mistake, yes I am whacking myself on the back of the head.

So here is my question is there a way to span the drives without having to have to reinstall all the programs? I understand that I would have to make the drives Dynamic to span them, will this effect the programs already installed there are three plus Server?

I uninstalled office and reinstalled on Drive D the data drive but still I only have 3+ gig space on C the other programs are all intertwined and I would rather not have to reinstall and start fresh. One program in particular has to be reinstalled and set up by the author since it download integration program from EDI.

Any help or suggestion is welcomed.
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I tend to agree with you will check out that sleep file, I do not have it set to go to sleep
Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator

yes neither did I but it still creates that large file if you use it or not.

Keep us posted


Do you know what the file name or where might be- I am assuming it is under Windows that is where it shows the most space used- tks
Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator

Hiberfil.sys it is a hidden file

run this too

powercfg /hibernate off

disables it


thanks did the powercfg /hibernate off at set up.
I do that for all my users, hibernation throws them for a loop they keep insisting they loos all sorts of information because of it.


Could not find that file no biggie since  and decided to take your advice and  uninstall and reinstall back on drive  doing that I can stop hitting myself on the back of the head - thanks for your help
Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator


remember that file is hidden to display it go into command prompt as administrator

dir *.* /a /s  will show hidden files


I took the route of uninstalling and reinstalling
Sorry I thought I already awarded points
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