Script static IP setup at first boot

Greetings all,

I have dozens of systems that I will be imaging with win 7 64 bit that currently have windows XP 32 bit on them.  These systems will be wiped and reloaded from a .wim image.

Some of these systems are in controlled areas where it is difficult to gain direct physical access.

Because these are in place upgrades on production systems we can not use an automated push of the new OS So SCCM and WDT are out as options.  This must be done remotely and  manually as we check to see if a user is on the system before beginning the work.  My plan is to copy WIN PE startup and image files to a newly created volume manually set it to active and have my scripts install the image without user intervention.  

I have a script that will set the IP, Gateway, Subnet, DNS and WINS.  My hangup is I need a way to "inject" that script into the first boot sequence to set the IP so that we can regain remote access to the unit and finish adding to domain.

Any suggestions?
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Ram BalachandranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably you can make use of SetupComplete.cmd, calling your script from there.

Refer :
Have you considered doing a DHCP reservation instead?  That will allow each machine to get the specific address you want without having to inject anything.
bschielAuthor Commented:
This network does not have one available and the time it takes to get one approved is not acceptable.
bschielAuthor Commented:
That was the key I needed to get this done.  Thank you
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