My DSL Connection - What ELSE is going on?

My DSL connection has been slow lately and I wanted to know what else is going on with my connection.
Are there any ways of determining what activities are sucking up my bandwidth?
How can I tell who else is on my DSL link? (wired and wireless)?
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Dirk MareConnect With a Mentor Systems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
The easiest and fastest way to see who is on your network (connected to your DSL modem) is to view your routers page where you have all the DHCP leases at least from here you should have an idea what is connected to your router. Unfortunately not all DSL routers can give you the info you require but starting with your DSL router config is a strating point.

Also you can consider changing your wifi password this will cause all the current wifi clients to disconnect.

Ask your ISP for your bandwidth usage the last couple of months to see if their has been a increase in data.

You can also use IP scanning tool to find out how many devices are connected.

There are lots of free IP scanning tools.
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