the setting control of the tempDB data file and log file size

Dear all,

as we have vendor to support our MS SQL 2008 R2 and sometime they do something funny that, for example, increase the initial size of hte tempdB log to 2/3 of the disk that holds the tempdb log.

But when the log growth, we can't shrink it to the level smaller than that size.

we will then recieve that the tempeDB log full message and the application stop to work too.

anyway to restrict thyis kind of person, who also has the dba related login to the MS SQL, to change the tempdb data file and log size?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Asked:
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Be sure sysadmin and dbo are removed from the user's profile/groupsed that attach to the tempdb..
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
but it seems then they can't admin that and do anything troubleshooting from the MS SQL ?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
they can't even run the:

dbcc opentran(tempdb)

Open in new window

and the kill <session id> command ?
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
If they have to belong to the sysadmin role, then quite frankly you are out of luck.
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
aha. I double version one of account's access right, which connect from oralce gateway. only has the public role connect to any DB.

so this is not the one, the other one will have sa access as they are the vendor, or we have to support 24x7..
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