IE backspace not working properly


i have this happening for several months now, and hope some one can tell me a fix, or why it happens.
when i open IE and surft to different sites, i found that for getting back to the previous site with the BACK arrow on top left of the page, i have to click 2x very fast, or it re-opens the site  i was on.
i believe this started happening from Windows 7 - i now run IE9 on a W7 SP1 system, and have this problem on all my PC's
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Do you have any Extensions for IE installed?  Like LastPass for example..

If you add in LastPass, Xmarks, iMacros, DeJaVu or anything to a browser, it will affect how the browser acts.
Instead of using the mouse and click on the Back button try doing the same thing by using the keyboard (Alt+Left arrow) and tell us if it does the same thing.

Note: there are some websites that do an automatic redirect from their initial address/page, so when you go back in history, they throw you one page forward; so you need to go two steps back to skip that page (something like you described).

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nobusAuthor Commented:
kdyer - no extensions in IE
Argenti : it does the same with Alt+ left arrow on this site :
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The link you clicked used redirection. When you go Back just once, all you're doing is going back to the redirect and it sends you to the redirect destination again. Spam/scam sites often use trickeration like that to keep you from leaving their pages.

Click and HOLD on the back arrow and it should show you a list of pages that have loaded... IE 'Back' listsometimes there will be multiple redirects, and if there are more than 10 you have to click 10-deep, hit Escape to stop the redirects, then click and hold to go 10 more, hit Escape to stop, et cetera.

When I click your amazon link all I get is a new window/tab, though;  There is no redirection on that page.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i had the same problem, it seems you have to start from google- then search for external disk - pick the amazon site

when i hold the back arrow - i don't see the list of pages, but it brings me directly back to google
You must have clicked it and then clicked it again, because google uses a redirect to load results you click on.
IE - Back History - Redirected Link
nobusAuthor Commented:
i wish the internet was a bit easier to use - why they make it so difficult ?
that is not good advertising imo....i will avoid these if possible
what i would like to know : can this be turned off (the redirection)?
Hah... many people think it should be harder to use, not easier.

Google uses redirection so the destination site knows the click came from their results.

ALL search sites do the same... then they can charge companies like amazon to put their links higher up in the results list, because amazon can look at their own server logs and see how many millions of clicks per day are coming from which search site[s].
Rather than use the Back arrow, click the down caret just to right of the Forward arrow.  You will see where a click on the Back arrow will take you and you can also click the page to which you want to go assuming it is in the list.
nobusAuthor Commented:
Darr -  a click is not worth anything, afaik - strange they pay per click (there should be other methods)
i'm not sure what you mean with "many people think it should be harder to use, not easier."

Jcimarron where should i click ? here's what i see :
nobus--I forgot that IE9 does not have that down arrow next to the Forward Button.  You can however access the list of recently visited websites by right clicking either the Forward or Back buttons.
nobusAuthor Commented:
at least i know now what is happening, even if i have no cure
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