Outlook Anywhere doesnt work with Draytek 2860

We have just replaced our old firewall (Linksys RV042) with a Draytek 2860. This is because we have just gone to BT Infinity.
Broadband is fine.
We have a SBS2011 server on the LAN. Mail is working fine (port 25 forward set up etc) However we cannot get Outlook Web Access to work.
I have set rules for port 443 to be forwarded to server IP(in the same way that I have forwarded port 25 to the server)
I am new to the Draytek interface and think I must just be missing something.
The web access works fine internally https://servername/owa however externally https://remote.domainname/owa does not connect.
remote.domainname does resolve correctly
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plug1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable the SSL proxy on the router or change the port that is on as well.
Try changing the admin port for https in System Maintenance > Management ?
Rob_SmukerAuthor Commented:
hi I have changed this previously to port 544. The router is now accessible on this port and not on 443
Have you run the Internet Address Management Wizard?
Rob_SmukerAuthor Commented:
I changed the SSL port and everything works fine now.
Excellent Thank you very much.
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