I want to have an email host that allows me to forward emails

We have a website - FOOBAR.net at GoDaddy.

We also "advertise" this site as FOOBAR.org

I would like to have a set of emails like:
that we could establish so that we could rotate folks through those organization roles and still have mail sent to the same email.

Then, we'd like our email service provider to forward all emails for
President@FOOBAR.org to JohnDoe@SomeISP.com

Later when Mary Smith becomes President,
we would still Publish President@FOOBAR.com
but, we would rout it to MarySmith@SomeOtherISP.com

I've been able to do this at my ADDR.COM host site.
Are there other providers of email forwarding that are inexpensive and easy to use?
We would need about 50 addresses for various things.
And we'd like a Catch all address for any we miss.

thanks for your suggestions. Phil
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philkryderConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I priced this at GoDADDY and it was like$160 a year.

Fortunately, Dotser was our registrar for FooBar.ORG.

They provided 10 redirectable addresses for 9.99 per year.
Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
You can do that at Godaddy... but you will have to buy an email package.  I don't believe the email accounts provided with the web hosting have such features.  Also the storage is limited in the hosting email accounts to 100MB total for all of them.
skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any host that supports distribution lists or basic email forwarding can do so
no-ip, ovh, gmail (paid version)...
all of the above also feature catch-all as far as i remember

no-ip will do it for free for a limited number of email accounts

most free hosts such as olympe can also handle this

it is also quite easy to setup on your own mail server if you have one
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tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW, do you also own the FOOBAR.org domain in addition to FOOBAR.net? I.e., do you have rights to FOOBAR.org? (Does GoDaddy provide that automatically?)

philkryderAuthor Commented:
yes, we own FOOBAR.org .net and .info

I'm not sure what you mean by rights to FOOBAR.org.

It is registered with a different registrar which I can use to update DNS records,
 and the website is redirected to FOOBAR.net which is hosted by GoDaddy.
philkryderAuthor Commented:
it explains what I did.
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