How do I register mscomct2.ocx on a Windows 7 machine

I upgraded my development machine from XP to Windows 7, which I also use for compiling. I have VB6 projects that use this OCX. I'm getting an error when I try to load a project referencing this OCX. (Object Library not registered).

When I remove the OCX reference from the VBP, the error goes away.

How do I get this registered?
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CRESLISAConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This worked for me regtlib msdatsrc.tlb. I don't know why, my Help Desk guy found this.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This article says that it is supported in Windows 7 but it's not in the same place as it would be in XP.  Also give instructions on how to 'register' it.
The general way to register files is to type

regsvr32 [FilePath]

in the Windows 'Run' box.
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It is an objective of this forum to be a source of information as opposed to a link farm, so please give at least a summary of what it says in your link
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
Using regsvr32 gives a message that it succeeded. Only it did not.

After doing regsvr32 I rebooted. Then I deleted mscomct2.ocx from the VBP. I opened the project and did not get an error. When I tried to add the controls in that OCX, I got the same error.

So, I still need a solution.

By the way, my Windows 7 is 32 bit.
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:
It solved my problem.
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