How long does it take to style a page like this in Drupal?

Mike R.
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I'm trying to get an idea on Drupal development. How long should it take for a good Drupal developer to style a page like the attached? Start to finish with content?

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It depends on how good your developer is! You would start with a Drupal theme which is the most similar to this and make changes. It's a total GUESS to say it might take a few days to do this, or possibly a few weeks, depending on the amount of tweaking that needs to be done.
I would have to agree with nanharbison that you should be able to find a Drupal theme with this basic layout.

After that, you have to put your own content into the template.

Also, you have six menu items (pages) on this site. How many you need, other than the Home page, will also have an influence on the time required to set it up.

Finally, this may be more easily done using WordPress.


I appreciate the input. We're already working with a developer, and trying to figure out a proper time frame. For the sake of this question, I'm not thinking about the entire website...I'm thinking how long would it take a competent developer to style just this one page?

An hour, a day, three days...?

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Is the developer you are working with proficient in styling Drupal specifically? Drupal usually has layers and layers of elements, and you have to find the right element to apply styling too. Jobs like this always end up taking more time than you expect, I would say 3 days is more reasonable.
Is this developer being hired as a consultant? I myself usually have several web jobs like this going at one time, which is usually manageable as I am waiting for content from one person, and a decision about colors from another, etc. And even if a client wants something like this done in a predetermined amount of time, he or she is often the one hanging me up because they haven't replied to an important question I need the answer to in order to proceed.
Having said all this, if the theme chosen is very close to the layout you are looking for, it could be a day.

It will also depend what you expect of the site. If you want a responsive design, it will take a few more days. It also requires more testing


"I would say 3 days is more reasonable."

Wow. Three days just to get this one page laid out and populated? (Again, not the whole site...just that one page)
Planning is a lot of the work that needs to be done. If this is a drupal page, then this would be a view (pulls in bits of content from other parts of the site and displays them). So you need to figure out the best way to build the views, you may or may not need something like image cache to size images properly. The bit for 'Mike Scores big...' means you probably need to get into some sort of grid system or panels module, the boxes appear to be all equal heights, so you need to figure out how to deal with that as long text will make boxes bigger.  When your content folk add something, are they just uploading one image that gets manipulated, or do they post something separate for the front page that follows some sort of guideline? There is a lot to consider before you start the theme.

With content management systems like Drupal, you don't normally design a single page. You need to get into the theme, dealing with the templates and CSS, sometimes java script, all that gets applied to the entire site.

If I had someone get a drupal theme done for me in three days, including all the tweaking, I would be impressed.

This of course depends on what you want though. If you are simply looking for a prototype of this page that is a little more functional than an image file, you could have this made up as a plain old HTML file that would display and preform properly in browsers. Once that was approved by the powers that be it could be drupalized.

 nanharbison is right, any time frame you get here is a guess.
@rightmirem - I have been doing web development for 13 years and I can tell you without a doubt that web programming and styling is WAY more time consuming that the average man on the street could understand.
Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and Consultant

If the developer is building everything from scratch on the back end, easily three days of dedicated time. If the developer isn't completely dedicated to your project(most outside consultants juggle multiple clients and projects) then expect much longer.

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