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Samsung Galaxy Note I won't boot up


I am/was using a Samsung Galaxy Note I for quite some time now but it suddenly stop working, it loads its software up until the "Samsung splash screen" and never goes beyond that stage.

Is there anyway that I can revert that situation whilst not losing my personal data as I hadn't backed up my notes mainly?

Kind regards
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1 Solution

Have you tried connecting in USB mode, either once it's already booted, or perhaps by connecting via cable before you turn it on, then leave the cable connected while you boot it it up?

kemitHamiteAuthor Commented:
While the phone won't go past the splash screen, how do I get it to do so via USB?

Sometimes when you are connected via USB, you can access files on the phone. That will help tell us if there are steps you can take on this phone. Also, sometimes that bypasses something that is preventing the boot, so it allows the phone to boot normally.
Harry LeeCommented:

Here are a few things you can try.

1) First, don't just power off the phone and restart it. Try pull the battery. Power up the phone without the battery. (To drain the power in the micro capacitors) Put the battery back in and fire it up.

2) If you are still out of luck, power off, remove SD card, remove sim. Put sim back in (just the sim not the sd card), and fire it up.

3) If the above doesn't work, have you tried wiping the cache of your Galaxy Note in the recovery mode? (BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DO STUPID THING IN RECOVERY MODE, OR YOU CAN KILL YOUR PHONE). (DO NOT BLAME ME IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO STUPID THING IN THE RECOVERY MODE AND KILL YOUR PHONE.)

Power off your Note. Hold Vol-Up, Home, and Power button at the same time. Wait all the way until you see the Splash screen, and release ONLY the power button, while still holding the Vol-Up and Home buttons.

You should boot into the recovery mode. Once you are in the Recovery Mode, you can release the Home and Vol-Up buttons.

Now, you can use the Vol-Up and Vol-Down buttons to navigate around, and use your Power button as the Enter key.

Choose Wipe Cache Partition

4) Well, worse of the case, is resetting the phone an option for you?

Go into the recovery mode following the instruction above.

Instead of choosing Wipe Cache Partition, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

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