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Posted on 2013-12-13
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I have done a fairly simple Drupal website, with a slideshow on the home page. I have set up dynamic display block with a bunch of images,  I use this module all the times, but it just doesn't show up. I have set the permissions, the images are in the correct spot, I can see them in Firebug.  I cannot figure out what is wrong.
Until I get this working, I have the slide show set up on a test page, as this is now a live site:
You can see the big empty space where it should be. The weird thing is that this is a sister site to:
and I am using the SAME theme (litejazz) and the same webhost, so I don't think it is a configuration issue. They have the same modules and functionality.
I have never used Firebug for stepping through the Javascript to see if there is an error somewhere that impacts this slide show. I don't knoiw how to do that. Maybe there is a conflict with something else.
Question by:nanharbison
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Expert Comment

by:Rainer Jeschor
ID: 39717575
sorry I have no experience with Drupal, but there is one difference.

On the working site, there is this Drupal Settings extension:
jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, {"basePath":"\u002F", "pathPrefix":"", "ajaxPageState":{"theme":"litejazz", "theme_token":"1glCj2JdCzqVY28aM_kYvZZUHj29dsZ_5V73xityRiE", "js":{"misc\u002Fjquery.js":1, "misc\u002Fjquery.once.js":1, "misc\u002Fdrupal.js":1, "misc\u002Fui\u002Fjquery.effects.core.min.js":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Flibraries\u002Fjquery.cycle\u002Fjquery.cycle.all.js":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fddblock\u002Fjs\u002Fjson2.pack.js":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fddblock\u002Fjs\u002Fddblock.js":1}, "css":{"modules\u002Fsystem\u002Fsystem.base.css":1, "modules\u002Fsystem\u002Fsystem.menus.css":1, "modules\u002Fsystem\u002Fsystem.messages.css":1, "modules\u002Fsystem\u002Fsystem.theme.css":1, "modules\u002Fcomment\u002Fcomment.css":1, "modules\u002Ffield\u002Ftheme\u002Ffield.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fmollom\u002Fmollom.css":1, "modules\u002Fnode\u002Fnode.css":1, "modules\u002Fsearch\u002Fsearch.css":1, "modules\u002Fuser\u002Fuser.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fckeditor\u002Fckeditor.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fctools\u002Fcss\u002Fctools.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fmodules\u002Fddblock\u002Fcss\u002Fddblock.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fthemes\u002Flitejazz\u002Fstyle.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fthemes\u002Flitejazz\u002Fcss\u002Fred.css":1, "sites\u002Fall\u002Fthemes\u002Flitejazz\u002Fcss\u002Flocal.css":1}}, "ddblockImageContainer":{"1":{"block":"1", "contentContainer":"div.slide", "imageContainerHeight":"327", "imageContainerWidth":"770", "setDimensions":"none"}}, "ddblockImages":{"1":{"block":"1", "contentContainer":"div.slide", "imageHeight":"327", "imageWidth":"770", "setDimensions":"none"}}, "ddblockContent":{"1":{"block":"1", "nrOfItems":2, "setDimensions":"none", "contentContainer":"div.slide", "custom":"", "fx":"fade", "easeOut":"linear", "easeIn":"linear", "speed":"500", "timeOut":"5000", "pause":"1", "next":"0", "overflow":"hidden", "pager":"none", "pagerPosition":"top", "pagerPrevNextLoop":"1", "pagerScrollableLoop":"1", "nrOfPagerItems":"4", "pagerContainer":"pager-item", "pagerEvent":"click", "pagerDisableClick":"1", "pagerFast":"1", "pagerPause":"1", "pager2":"0", "pager2Event":"click", "pager2SlideHide":"0", "slideText":"1", "slideTextjQuery":"0", "slideTextPosition":"bottom", "slideTextContainer":"div.slide-text", "slideTextEffectBefore":"fadeOut", "slideTextEffectBeforeSpeed":"250", "slideTextEffectBeforeEasing":"linear", "slideTextEffectAfter":"fadeIn", "slideTextEffectAfterSpeed":"1000", "slideTextEffectAfterEasing":"linear", "height":"327", "width":"770"}}});

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On the non-working site it is:
jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, {"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"litejazz","theme_token":"XuW2greb4kHzOwQrJJdDooSOSnr0K6aPQzjmi9PxNmQ","js":{"misc\/jquery.js":1,"misc\/jquery.once.js":1,"misc\/drupal.js":1,"misc\/ui\/jquery.effects.core.min.js":1,"sites\/all\/libraries\/jquery.cycle\/jquery.cycle.all.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/ddblock\/js\/json2.pack.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/ddblock\/js\/ddblock.js":1},"css":{"modules\/system\/system.base.css":1,"modules\/system\/system.menus.css":1,"modules\/system\/system.messages.css":1,"modules\/system\/system.theme.css":1,"modules\/comment\/comment.css":1,"modules\/field\/theme\/field.css":1,"modules\/node\/node.css":1,"modules\/search\/search.css":1,"modules\/user\/user.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/views\/css\/views.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/ckeditor\/ckeditor.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/ctools\/css\/ctools.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/ddblock\/css\/ddblock.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/litejazz\/style.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/litejazz\/css\/blue.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/litejazz\/css\/local.css":1}},"ddblockImageContainer":{"4":{"block":"4","contentContainer":"div.slide","imageContainerHeight":"328","imageContainerWidth":"770","setDimensions":"none"}},"ddblockImages":{"4":{"block":"4","contentContainer":"div.slide","imageHeight":"328","imageWidth":"770","setDimensions":"none"}},"ddblockContent":{"4":{"block":"4","nrOfItems":2,"setDimensions":"none","contentContainer":"div.slide","custom":"","fx":"fade","easeOut":"linear","easeIn":"linear","speed":"500","timeOut":"5000","pause":"1","next":"0","overflow":"hidden","pager":"none","pagerPosition":"top","pagerPrevNextLoop":"1","pagerScrollableLoop":"1","nrOfPagerItems":"4","pagerContainer":"pager-item","pagerEvent":"click","pagerDisableClick":"1","pagerFast":"1","pagerPause":"1","pager2":"0","pager2Event":"click","pager2SlideHide":"0","slideText":"1","slideTextjQuery":"0","slideTextPosition":"bottom","slideTextContainer":"div.slide-text","slideTextEffectBefore":"fadeOut","slideTextEffectBeforeSpeed":"250","slideTextEffectBeforeEasing":"linear","slideTextEffectAfter":"fadeIn","slideTextEffectAfterSpeed":"1000","slideTextEffectAfterEasing":"linear","height":"328","width":"770"}}});

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The main difference I can see is that on the non working site forward slashes are used directly (like basePath":"\/") whereas on the working site the slashes are escaped (like "basePath":"\u002F").

Just a guess but perhaps a simple to test starting point.

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Author Comment

ID: 39717701
Ranier, this could explain it, I just have to figure out how to change the base path. I just realized that the version of Drupal on the working site is 7.18 and the non-working one is 7.24. I didn't realize the working site needed to be upgraded. I wonder if that will break the slide show, ugh.
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Accepted Solution

Arrow_1 earned 500 total points
ID: 39718178
Add this to your css:
div.block-ddblock .ddblock-container {
    z-index: 0;

For some reason the module css is giving it a z-index value of -1 which is effectively placing it behind the body content where it can't be seen. Setting it back to zero will bring it back out front.
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Author Closing Comment

ID: 39719948
Thanks, that is all it was. I don't understand why the z value was set the way it was.

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