Fortinet FortiGate Naming conventions

I am trying to figure out the Fortinet FortiGate naming conventions.

I get that bigger is better 60, 100, 300, etc... What about the A, B, C, D...

60C vs 60D. The D is newer but does that mean that the 300C uses older technology than the 100D or 60D.
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Ramakrishna PrabhuConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
No, next letter doesnt really mean that its using a new technology. From A to B or B to C, there will be a improvement. For eg, 100D is better than 100C.

In this case 60D, 100D or 300C are three different products and they full fill different needs.

60D is a entry level firewall, 100D is designed small or medium business. 300c is also designed for small and medium businesses how ever it performs faster compared to 100D.

Hope this helps.
Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork EngineerCommented:
hope the below document will help you understand the difference between Fortinet devices.
-TNT-Author Commented:
The D is newer but does that mean that the 300C uses older technology than the 100D or 60D.
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-TNT-Author Commented:
Okay, thank you for the clarification. At first glance I thought the number was the model number and the letter was the technology revision. So a FortiGate-1240B would be using old school chips...
Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork EngineerCommented:
Did you take a look at the link i had posted before?

It will give you a fair idea about different models.
-TNT-Author Commented:
Yes I did, I was just confused that a latter letter might mean that it uses a later version of the fortinet asic chip, or something like that.
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