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Intermittent profile unloading issues with Citrix Profile Manager 4.1.1

Hi experts,
Hoping someone can help with an Profile Management issue.

I have a reasonably sized farm (40+ farm servers). Application servers are running XenApp 6.5, and have all current hotfixes. All of these are provisioned using PVS 6.0.

We are using Profile Management After the server has been running for a few days, the local cached user profiles are not deleted from the server. I have turned on UPM logging on a number of my servers.

Looking through these logs, this is what I believe the scenario is:
Users log on, loading their Citrix profile from the store
Users log off, their profile is unloaded in due course
At some point, the log will show an issue with files from one of a user's profile files
When one of these entries are logged, the user profile folder will not delete
Subsequent users who log on and log off will not have their profiles delete
Restart the 'Citrix Profile Management' service, all existing profile folders will be deleted within 3-5 minutes
Users log on, loading their Citrix profile from the store
Users log off, their profile is unloaded in due course
At some point, the log will show an issue with files from one of a user's profile files
Profiles are not deleted again

Here are some log entries that initiate the issue:

2013-12-11;11:57:12.129;WARNING;;;;1092;A cache fill for user 'abc01def' of file 'D:\Users\abc01def\AppData\Roaming\Citrix\RadeCache\e7dc7e04-e9a4-4911-aa7f-6c6ea0d6ecdf\Device\C\Program Files (x86)\appname1\mnu27.psr:CITRIX_SHORT_FILE_NAME' is taking a long time...
2013-12-11;11:58:12.297;ERROR;;;;1092;User 'abc01def' appears to have stalled while trying to cache fill file 'D:\Users\abc01def\AppData\Roaming\Citrix\RadeCache\e7dc7e04-e9a4-4911-aa7f-6c6ea0d6ecdf\Device\C\Program Files (x86)\appname1\mnu27.psr:CITRIX_SHORT_FILE_NAME'. User may be blocked.
2013-11-20;10:22:36.152;WARNING;;;;1904;A cache fill for user 'ghi01jkl' of file 'C:\Users\ghi01jkl\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\desktop.ini' is taking a long time...
2013-11-20;10:23:36.802;ERROR;;;;1904;User 'ghi01jkl' appears to have stalled while trying to cache fill file 'C:\Users\ghi01jkl\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\desktop.ini'. User may be blocked.
2013-11-23;01:43:14.337;INFORMATION;MYDOMAIN;uvw01xy;3;8692;CheckIfMirroredFilesOutOfSync: Destination file <C:\Users\uvw01xy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Launch Internet Explorer Browser.lnk> is newer than or equal to source file <\\mydomain.com\citrix\userprofiles\xa6\uvw01xy\UPM_Profile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Launch Internet Explorer Browser.lnk>.
2013-11-23;01:44:55.959;WARNING;;;;1864;A cache fill for user 'uvw01xyz' of file 'C:\Users\uvw01xy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Launch Internet Explorer Browser.lnk' is taking a long time...
2013-11-23;01:45:57.361;ERROR;;;;1864;User 'uvw01xy' appears to have stalled while trying to cache fill file 'C:\Users\uvw01xy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Launch Internet Explorer Browser.lnk'. User may be blocked.

A particular server may have been up for a couple of days with user profiles loading and unloading correctly, but once these types of entries are logged for one user, this user profile and all user profiles following will not unload at all. If I stop and then restart the 'Citrix Profile Management' service, all existing profiles will be unloaded within 3-5 minutes. Following this, user profiles continue to load and unload correctly, until an entry like the above is logged.
Initially I thought it was to do with long paths, however I am not so convinced now.
Any help would be appreciated.
CitrixWindows Server 2008

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8/22/2022 - Mon

I hope it will solve your prb. Please check the below link.


Download UPHclean tool and install in the servers. So it resolve the profile issue.

Hi ADforyou,

Thanks for your post. I have not previously deleted this file on the provisioned image. I have updated my image preparation script so that it stops the service and deletes the file.

I will see if this helps with the profiles not unloading.

As a side note, after obtaining access to "Forefront Endpoint Protection" management, I have noticed that the AV file, folder and process exclusions I advised the FEP administrator to setup were not actually applying to my servers. I have now applied these, and hopefully this will help as well.

As I am off for 2 weeks over the Christmas period, I will update this post once I am back at work. This will allow enough time to see whether the issue arrises again.
Daniel Borger

I've seen a similar issue with using NetApp for the back end storage. If using NetApp move user profiles to a Windows share. also, look at the best practices for Antivirus.

if you have active write back enabled in Profile manager you could also turn that off to see if it helps.
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William Peck

After arriving back from holiday, I have only had a little chance to look at this.

dborger, thanks for your input. I have made a number of Anti Virus changes and PVS image changes, as the servers were still happy with the AV setup, and hence were not picking up the FEP policys correctly. After discovering and applying this article (http://scug.be/sccm/2013/03/27/citrix-provisioning-services-and-microsoft-system-center-configuration-manager-2012-sp1/), the AV setup now appears correct. Hopefully this helps.

I have been running a script that removes from the XenApp servers any profiles that are no longer loaded, that have a last used time of 5 minutes or greater (this gives Profile Manager adequate time with the profile). Running this as a scheduled task every 15 minutes has eliminated 99% of profiles that have not been removed. Running this script is not ideal however. I have disabled this task to see how Profile Manager is handling the Profile unloading and removal on its own.

Interestingly, the user profiles that have not fully been removed have had a number of files left behind, such as Win.ini, Rsop.gpf, a number of desktop.ini files, the ntuser.ini file and the ntuser.pol file. All other files are removed. Using Sysinternals Process Explorer, I have occasionally seen handles open to one of these files. When the handle is closed, the profile unloads.

I also had Active Writeback enabled. After doing some reading on Active Writeback, I have disabled this as well. I have seen that some of the files that remained were listed in the <UserName>\Pending\ItemChanges.txt file.

I will update this in a couple of days. In the meantime, if anyone else has any other ideas, your input would be valued.
Daniel Borger

Nice job digging into this.. I think you are headed down the right path with active write back.  Are you also using the profile streaming for Profile manager?

Yes, I am also using Profile Streaming.  have it to these settings:

Always cache
Cache files this size or larger (megabytes): 5

Profile streaming

Timeout for pending area lock files
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Suggestions from others had not fixed the issue. The issue was resolved after I made a group policy setting change.