dd-wrt setup with ics from tethered phone

I'm trying to setup my e1000 recently flashed with dd-wrt. ICS is setup with a NIC address of The WAN IP is a dynamic address of 192.168.137.X. The router is DHCP of 192.168.1.X. The PC reports no internet connection on the NIC that is connected to the router internet port as well as the LAN port the printer is connecred to. No wireless internet either. What type of setup do i need.
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ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
Problem solved by Darr247.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
Hmm... you want your Android to be the SOURCE of internet connection for DD-WRT?
If so, then your primary mistake is PC connected to DD-WRT's internet port. This is "input" port, to be used if DD-WRT is wired to internet connection, which in your case is not true.
First, connect your PC to router's LAN port.

On DD-WRT you should have enabled DHCP on adapters:
- to serve DHCP for LAN clients (for your PC). READ NEXT PARAGRAF!
- and to get DHCP from internet connection (from your Android phone)

Then under WIRELESS use these settings:
- set wireless mode to either "Client" or "Client Bridge".
- by selecting "Client", you will do another NAT translation, which in your case is not needed, because your Android is already doing NAT thus protecting you at that point. So my suggestion is to use "Client Bridge" mode.
- if you use "Client Bridge" mode, then you should NOT enable DHCP on router's LAN side, because it would conflict with Android's DHCP, which are in this case in the same subnet.

I think that's all you need.
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
I'll give your suggestion a try. I wondered if the client bridge would be the answer. I use my phone since i have unlimited data and where I'm staying, the ISP bandwidth is less than dialup. Thanks for the quick overnight response. I'll provide the results later today.
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ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
Applied your recommendations. Restarted the computer and router. Attached are the DD-WRT reports.Status_LANStatus_RouterStatus_Sys InfoStatus WANStatus Wireless
Andrej PirmanCommented:

In theory (unfortunately, I just gave my DD-WRT to my friend to test it out) it should work like this:

Teethering hotspot
Serving IP subnet
Providing DHCP to clients

Acting as Client Bridge via Wi-Fi
Should forward DHCP settings from your phone to your PC

In DD-WRT try setting its IP address from to, for example. Also enter Gateway (this is your Ice Cream, rite?) and DNS to and some public DNS, for example Google's
Doing so, all devices would be on the same subnet

Lemme know what you get.
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
If I use the client bridge then the SSID is no longer broadcast. Is this normal? I only have the 1 router and it will broadcast when the WAN connection type is Automatic Configuration - DHCP.
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
I provided an overview of the Network and Sharing Center.

I noticed something in the connection details that may be a problem. My phone modem can't be configured for DHCP Configuration nor DNS Configuration. See Mobile Connection Details attachment.

When ICS is applied, the LAN IP is statically set to which is fine. However, once ICS is applied, the DCHP Configuration changes from yes to no. When I try to change it through a netsh command, the IP address is reset and no longer communicates with the phone modem. See LAN Connection details attachment.

I only have one router that is connected via LAN port to a PC NIC that is ICS'd to the phone modem.

In DD-WRT, I'm presently set as AP as you can see in the final attachment. This seems to be the only way to broadcast my SSID for clients.

Given this, my ultimate problem is how to get the E1000 to talk to either the LAN connection or modem connection, as well as have DHCP and DNS applied. Network and Sharing CenterNetwork and Sharing CenterLAN Connection detailsRouter sys infoMobile-Connection-Details.png
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Had 2 experts assisting. This one stopped responding. the other continued to assist. Answers provided by this expert where good but due to lack of response the project was unable to completed with the assistance of this expert.
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
I wanted to assign 250 points to Labsy for a partial answer. I will keep 250 for myself as Labsy's answer only partially answered my question. The complete answer was assisted by Darr247.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
Thank you for split points, but with all respect, we'd like to see your answer, or in case it is too specific to your environment, maybe just a hint for others, which experience similar issue.
I hope you will post some details to help EE knowledge base grow.
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
I'll absolutely share!

Got it working after a few days. I believe there where several errors.

1) Did a clean install of Windows 7 as I believe some registry corruption not related to our discussion;

2) had to do some research to find the BlackBerry usb modem drivers so that I could eliminate the BlackBerry Desktop Software. I found that this software was preventing repeated ICS after the clean install;

3) the AT&T Communication Manager actually provided some additional functionality once I dug into it; and

4) reflashed the E1000 with the Linksys firmware and applied the following settings, monitoring connectivity with a wireless laptop.
a. statically set the host pc Ethernet NIC to (ICS default)
b. set router IP to
c. disabled routers DHCP ability
d. disabled routers NAT ability
e. enabled routers dynamic routing ability
f. kept SPI firewall enabled (default)
g. single port forwarded HTTP (port 80) to
h. single port forwarded DNS (port 53) to
i. cloned Ethernet NIC's MAC address

The collaboration is available at the following EE URL:
ssurbrookAuthor Commented:
Split point with Labsy since there was an incomplete solution.
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