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application for the enterprise

which is best application for an institution which has 7000 users , can be used to record lessons learned from different projects .  (project management software for lessons learned)
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Any document management system can hold the information (for example: sharepoint, documentum) but you should consider what your goals are:-

- what is your process for taking the lessons learned information and implementing resolutions or are you just collating a set of documents to show you have performed a process. For example:

- how is the information captured (spreadsheet, text, Project management software)
- do you need to consider legacy data or just what is generated going forward?
- what are your local standards (windows, unix, Linux, freeware)
- what do you already have (eg: Sharepoint is cheap if part of a windows server package)
- what packages are people using daily
- where does 'lessons learned' fit into your process

As you start to answer these questions you should keep in mind what the objective of the exercise is :-

- tick a box to say you have collected 'lessons learned' on all projects
- identify lessons which come up repeatedly as candidates for a fix
- provide a knowledge base to be used for researching new projects
- collect metrics to show where/why projects are failing/succeeding

DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
In addition, would your clients ever need to collaborate on a document (multiple editors, possibly concurrent)?

Sharepoint can be a royal pain to administer but OTOH it's a stable, COTS package with a broad tech support base.
techpAuthor Commented:
here it is not talking about documents

 as example ...different projects of a town of hospital .....expansion of recreation facilities.....road maintenance  etc....  ....there are different managers for each projects......and different projects on different period........project managers write lesson of each project during each period....and different head of different section review these lessons......and so that after years can get report about all lessons on a project or a section...

 for this an application is required....which is best application  and famous
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For simple solution: Microsoft Project
Or: Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software
Top of the line: Oracle Primavera
And many others: here

PS: Many of the above have: 1) Collaboration and 2) Capability to add Notes and Comments.
If you just want to gather them together and make them available for review then you don't need more than an excel spread sheet with a log of the documents and a shared folder so everyone can find them.

If you want to do a proper and effective job managing the corporate information they contain then you have to look at the overall picture as I stated above.

You can use any of the tools listed by Mike to manage the project and each will create one or more files containing the project plan. Whatever projects people are working they will generate multiple artefacts of which lessons learned is one example and unless you plan to put every detail into the lessons learned you will need to relate them to the other artefacts for them to be of use.

For organising and managing the lessons learned you will need a method of recording the lessons, analysing the content, indexing them and storing them for later research and retrieval -  some file formats are easy to index and others are not - project management software alone will not help you get the most out of lessons learned.

All of these artefacts can be managed using a Document Management system but that will need its own team to manage the administration - usually a project management office or QA function - they would be the primary users of the system and you need to understand their requirements and choose a package to suit them  and their budget. A key point will be to understand their workflow and make the package work for you.

Options are many and varied but the enterprise level ones are complex and need a lot of work to set up effectively I would recommend that before you proceed you look at one of the smaller, easier to manage alternatives to get an understanding of what they are capable of. Here's a review of some:
techpAuthor Commented:
not talking about document management
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
looks like you need a major application for a government

use SAP
it's got all you need

on a side note... it is expensive
that's why some people say the acronym stands for
SAP: Start And Pay
from your original post:-

"can be used to record lessons learned from different projects"

So -

1. how are the lessons recorded at the moment?
 - you can use word/excel/email/open source/access/project management packages etc but whichever you choose you WILL wind up with a lot of files and will need to enforce a standard and probably extract/transform data from legacy files as well.

2. what do you want to do with them
- either you are simply recording that a lessons learned was done:- a log on a spreadsheet will do that
- Or you want to analyse them:- in which case you need to choose something which will allow that analysis and track them through some kind of workflow

Whatever you choose to call it these two steps are necessary and Document Management packages incorporate them
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