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HTML Hyperlinks to word 2013 not working

i have a local website on my laptop set up as a knowledge base.
Within the website are links back to various word documents on my laptop.
Everything worked fine until i upgraded to Office 2013 Pro.
The links have now stopped working.
Microsoft Office

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8/22/2022 - Mon

When you say they are not working what do you mean?

1. they are shown as hyperlinks but when clicked they generate an error
- what error is shown ?
- does the website log contain any useful pointers?

2. They are no longer shown as hyperlinks
- try to retype one of them and see if it helps

3. They show as hyperlinks but when clicked they don't open the document
- try holding ctrl when clicking the link

If none of these apply post a sample of the links and I'll look further


Hi, many thanks for your reply.
When viewing any of my html pages in IE, when i click on a hyperlink to a doc file, the screen just flashes and goes back to the same page just like you would expect if the link was going to "#"
An example of the code is
  <li class="faq"><span class="listings"><a href="Documents/errors/redirector.doc" target="_blank" class="faq">Event ID 3019 Source mrxdmb - The redirector failed to determine the connection type</a></span></li>
It has only stopped working when i upgraded Office 2010 to Office 2013 so i guess its probably something in the trust settings.

You can try adding the website information to the 'trusted' location centre in Trust Settings to see if it helps but the I would expect Word to load and then fail if that were the case - from what you've said its the Website that's having the problem but here's some relevant information on Trust Centre and protected view:

can you post some of the hyperlinks that are failing and let us know which web server you are running?

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Just a sense check - if you navigate directly to one of the documents and double click it from within Explorer (ie: open it directly instead of via the web page)

- is it still registered to Office/Word, ie: it opens normally?

I ask because an MS patch recently snafu'd the file associations and its best to be sure they are in place before we look for more esoteric problems.

also - how are the hyperlinks on the page generated/refreshed?


Hi, i had a look at the protected view doc you gave me the link for and checked the file block settings in word, but they are set ok, the docs when lauched from the html page dont even open in protected view, they simply dont open, and i dont get any error message.
I can however open every document from Windows Explorer.
many thanks for your help so far.

Then the problem must lie with the hyperlinks themselves or the web site interpretation of them.

Are they 'static' or do they get re-generated each time the page is loaded? Can you post a sample of the hyperlink and a snippet of the code that generates them?

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Hi, i did include a sample of the code in my second post
If i copy the contents of the website to DVD and try it on this PC i get the same results.
If i put the DVD in another PC running Office 2003 it works fine.
I will just try and reset my IE and re-test incase its the browser but the only thing  that has changed recently is the upgrade to Office 2013.
post back in a mo.

Oh sorry - I read the 'event ID' and took it to be a quote from the error log! - does the server error log indicate why the link failed?

Worth trying on firefox or chrome as well if you can


Hi, there is nothing recorded in any of Windows Event logs.
I have reset the browser and re ticked the option to allow active content to run in files on my computer and from Cds.

I have tested it on Firefox and it works fine so it looks like its IE9 thats throwing a hissy fit.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

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