Arrays and functions in JQuery

Posted on 2013-12-16
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
We are using client side technologies Kendo UI,knockout and Jquery for our application , in one of the pages we have a grid that will list out all the books with book name,author name, rate /price etc with default sort on rate column.I have following piece of JQuery  code in bookModel.js file and am finding difficult to understand  and  can anyone briefly explain  the code . (which commented with question marks)

var bookresult={

// Properties and functions







//some logic

var tempgroup=new Array();

//some logic

[b]//why we need to pass this.get ?[/b]




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//function defined

dataModels.BooksearchComparator=function(sortAsc,sortField,defaultSort) {

var bookcomparator=fucntion(x,y) {     // ? 

var valueXRank=a["booksearchRank"];    // ?
var valueYRank=b["booksearchRank"];

if(typeof(a.booksearchRank)=='undefined') {   // ?
var valueX=a[sortField]; //?
var valueY=b[sortField];


return bookcomparator;


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Question by:ksd123
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Expert Comment

by:Alexandre Simões
ID: 39721309
You have an error on that JSON line 5.
Booksearchcriteria property doesn't have a value neither ends with a comma.
So starting with this you'll have javascript errors.

dataModels.BooksearchComparator = function (sortAsc, sortField, defaultSort) {

    var bookcomparator = fucntion(x, y) { // function have a spelling error, should be function, not fucntion

        var valueXRank = a["booksearchRank"]; // get a property value from a json object
        var valueYRank = b["booksearchRank"];

        //if (typeof (a.booksearchRank) == 'undefined') { // this is no a propper way
        // undefined is actually a type in javascript. 
        // It differs from null. 
        //    Null is when the property exists but is not assigned
        //    undefined is when the property doens't even exist
        if (a.booksearchRank === undefined) { // this is correct
            valueXRank = 0;
            valueYRank = 0;
        var valueX = a[sortField]; // again, gets the sortField property value from a. This is the same as a.sortField
        var valueY = b[sortField];


    return bookcomparator;


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Author Comment

ID: 39721415
Thank you for the quick response.

1)What is the diff b/w passing params to a function  using  this.get("sortAsc") and just


2)can you briefly explain below two lines of code .It looks like function within a function?

dataModels.BooksearchComparator = function (sortAsc, sortField, defaultSort) {

    var bookcomparator = fucntion(x, y) {
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Accepted Solution

Alexandre Simões earned 400 total points
ID: 39721446
1) I'm a bit lost with that: this.get("sortAsc")
Does that actually work?

To get the value from a JSON object you have 2 options:

this.get("sortAsc") should throw an error unless there's a get() function somewhere.

2) it is in-fact a function within a function.
This is something normal in javascript. Basically we're assigning bookcomparator variable value as a function.

functions in javascript are first-class citizens, (I don't like this comparison but usually makes it easier to explain) much like classes on OOP languages.
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Author Comment

ID: 39723586
Thank you.I have two more questions.

1)Below is my bookModel.js file, The first function has new keyword and remaining all functions does not have new keyword. Please comment

2)In the bookModel.js file, I want to declare a variable that will set to boolean value and  should  be available to all the functions in this file, where and How should I declare this?


 dataModels.bookSearch=new function() {  //function
 //No code in this function

 dataModels.bookSearch=function() {         //function

 //code in this function

 dataModels.bookSearch.refreshdata=function() {  //function
 //code in this function


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Expert Comment

by:Alexandre Simões
ID: 39723832
I will comment but I think you should read at least these books:

After read this:

And you'll have the knowledge needed to answer all the questions you have now.

I can't answer this right now, give me a couple of hours and I'll be back.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 39726452
Thank you for your time

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