Wireless Routers in WDS modem also use as wireless AP?

I have two D-Link DAP-2553 that are being used to expand network coverage across two offices.

Both of them are setup in WDS mode and computers etc that are wired into a switch in each office work fine. However, I'm having issues in one of the remote offices (across an alley) when trying to connect devices via wireless due to the range as they are going back across the alley and trying to connect to the wireless router in that office.

My question is, can I setup the DAP-2553 in a different mode to allow for wireless connections? I have a SSID setup but devices cannot see it even though it is set to broadcast. Because of being in WDS mode?

Just looking for any options I may be able to have.

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deshaunstylesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So are you saying that the router across the alley has a hard wired connection from the other building?  Because if that's the case you can set it up as an access point, which I think d-link routers have a mode you can switch it to.  Or the other option is to setup a different SSID altogether for the separate location and have the router give out IP addresses on that side but just make sure that you set the dhcp range so that it doesn't conflict with the other router.
ZephyrMAuthor Commented:
Got things running better. Got rid of the idea and plugged an additional wireless router into a switch and gave it a different network name etc but flows back through the original router / network.
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