Autosave to Drafts in Outlook Web Access SBS 2003

Hi Experts,

Our users are logged out of the Exchange Web Access after 20 minutes and their emails that are being written are deleted.
Is it possible to configure an autosave to drafts in the Outlook Web Access of Exchange 2003 ?

Thank you in advance for your help, best regards,
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jrlingamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Auto save cannot be configured in OWA as the mail is being accessed from any remote location. If required the session timeout limit for OWA can be extended either for individual users or for the whole organization as given below:
jet-infoAuthor Commented:
OK I'll try this. Thanks.
Kindly let me know whether it worked. And if yes, please accept my comment as a solution.

jet-infoAuthor Commented:
Too bad that there is no way to do it...
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