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I have a folder on a windows 2008 r2 server file share containing 300 text documents. i need to filter the number of text documents to just those that contain the word "back". Can anyone think of a way to do this, ideally to copy the files that contain back to a seperate folder or something?
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jss1199Connect With a Mentor Commented:
See the below vbs script.  copy to notepad and save as .vbs. Change C:\folder and C:\users\xxx\desktop to paths of your choice.

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /r C:\folder %%a in (*.txt) do (
find "back" "%%a"
if !errorlevel!==0 copy "%%a" "C:\users\xxx\Desktop" /y

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pma111Author Commented:
Thanks. Can you explain what it is doing as I am not a scripter?

What folder is it copying the results too?

And say if you have 1 txt document that contains that word say 5 times, does it copy the file 5 times, or just once?
In the second line, you will see that it is searching C:\ folder for all text files (.txt).  In the third line, I;ve specified that all files containing the string "back" be copied to the path on line four - "C:\users\xxx\Desktop".

Copies from: C:\folder
Copies to: C:\users\xxx\Desktop

If a file has multiple instances of "back", only one file will be copied.
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pma111Author Commented:
Will give it a go! Thanks
pma111Author Commented:
i amended the paths accordingly, it as filtered.vbs and opened command prompt

ran the following command

cscript filtered.vbs (hit enter)

and the error states "expected identifier"? Any ideas?
pma111Author Commented:
any feedback to the error message provided?
pma111Author Commented:
are you still monitoring this one?
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