We have setup up RDWeb with no issues and can access DRWeb internally and externally with domain joined computers. Employees with their own personal computers cannot login. They continue to receive a login pop up with login failure this is after login in to the initial RDWeb page. They cannot login to the collection?
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jstergakisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just resolved the issue. My fix was two hotfixes for Windows 7 listed below.

I have seen this issue when using a self-signed cert.  If that is the case here, you would need to install the cert on the remote computers:

jstergakisAuthor Commented:
I tried that and still does not work. There are some computers that can connect and majority cannot. I had a former coleague of mine try from a remote location with no problem I had an employee try from home and still an issue? I already took the route of installing the seld signed cert on the remote computer but that does not help. The RD Gateway has a cert from GoDaddy?
jstergakisAuthor Commented:
The user gets a windows security pop up prompting for username and password and the login fails continously.
jstergakisAuthor Commented:
I answeed my own question it was the fix for me.
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