W2K12 as a router?

Hi folks,

I used to configure W2K8 R2 as a router on my network, defined my two networks, easy.

Anyone know how to do that in W2K12?
I am trying to do that but only offers DirectAccess or VPN features.
I am trying to just install the routing but not DirectAccess or VPN.  Won't let me do it.

Any suggestions?

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same basic process. Install the RRAS role. Make sure the *routing* sub-role and features are also checked (they aren't by default, only remote access is), and then you'll have the tools to configure routing.

Considering windows licensing and network stack overhead, it is a rather expensive router. Not one I'd use. But technically doable.
romatloAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding.
romatloAuthor Commented:
Thanks, wanted to confirm if there was something specific that needed to be done.
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