SBS 2008 Exchange logs not truncated by windows backup

I have a server with SBS 2008 with one partition.
Server is being backed up with windows backup created from the SBS console.
I have noticed that the partition is almost out of free space while there is not that much user data.
After investigation I have noticed that the Exchange logs are not truncated and accumulating - taking up the free space.
Backup shows as successful.
How can I get rid of those logs?
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Vlastimil SopuchConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:

Run ESEUTIL /K to do the consistency check first..

Cliff GaliherCommented:
This happens if someone edited the backup after the fact and changed the backup type from full to copy (the default.) A copy backup does not flush logs. I'd start with that.
pyotrekAuthor Commented:
Yes - I am just looking into the logs - the SBS console reports the backups to be successful but when I am actually looking at the Windows Backup it states that there were errors and that the Exchange failed consistency check and it will not be available for recovery - nice MS!

Trying to run full backup now - will post results
pyotrekAuthor Commented:
Dismounting the databases and removing of the logs and remounting the databases - than running the backup solved the issue.
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