XenApp 6.5 HDX flash rendering on the client fails frequently in Published Desktop sessions

I'm having problems with our HDX client side rendering. It works some days, but then not others. Also if you are working from a client with all of the appropriate components installed on the client for HDX (when it is working), and you connect from a client that doesn't have all of the components installed, you lose HDX client rendering obviously, but when you jump back on the client with all of the components installed, you are stuck with server side rendering and you cannot change it back.

I guess it's probably best to look over the whole HDX solution. Most of the white papers about it are old (eg about IE8,9 or XA5, XA6 or XA65 with RP1). I basically had to piece the solution together from my understanding or reading many different articles. I thought I had it right, but obviously not.

Our XA65 hosts are all deployed from a single image. Each has the following components:
* Server 2008 R2 SP1
* XA65 RP2
* Internet Explorer 10
* HDX Mediastream for Flash - Server v (also has v2.0.0.0)
* HDX WMI Provider v (also has v2.0.0.0)
* All have the following registry entry added: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\HdxMediaStreamForFlash\Server\PseudoServer\IEBrowserMaximumMajorVersion = dword 10

I have added the HDX Adm template to our domain controller and have enabled the setting:
Enable HDX Mediastream redirection on the client device  - Enabled > Always (use mediastream flash redirection). This is set on both user & computer settings just to be sure.

I have also enabled the following Citrix policy - Flash Acceleration - Enabled
All of the other Flash related policies should be correct if left unconfigured (as they all state their default setting when left unconfigured).

Information about what to install on the client devices is sketchy. From what I understand, you need to install the Citrix receiver, Adobe Flash & the Citrix Flash plugin.

In saying all that, what I am assuming is that HDX should work for everyone. However this is not the case.

I've only really been able to get it to work correctly on my PC using several test accounts. To be honest I do not know exactly what components or registry changes were required to get it to work initially. It just did one day. Then all of a sudden when I logged in with one of these test accounts on a different client, HDX rendered on the server instead. Then when I logged back in on my PC again, it remained on server side rendering. I don't see anyway to change it back.

I blew away the test profiles, uninstalled the receiver, flash components off my PC and started again so I could document the correct process for the client. I just can't get it to work again anymore. The HDX monitor just says that Flash redirection is inactive.

The registry entry on the client device says that HDX is enabled. Not sure what else to check here.

I've tried contacting Citrix support, but because we purchased through a reseller, we have to ask them to log support calls on our behalf. This is taking forever for them to do.

I am thinking my issue is related more to the client device components or settings rather than the server.
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HowzattConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to resolve this issue temporarily by Rolling back the Adobe Flash Version on my Client device to Flash v11.8.800.94

I can confirm that HDX client rendering is indeed breaking after updating to any newer Flash version than 11.8.800.94 on the client device. The Server can still run the latest flash version without issue.

I came across a newly created Citrix support question yesterday where the user had the exact same issue. Citrix confirmed to this user that updating past the flash version (11.8.800.94) breaks HDX client rendering. They have a cumulative update for the Citrix receiver that fixes this issue, however only available when requested from Citrix support. As we do not have direct support agreement with Citrix, I am waiting on our supplier to log on our behalf (taking a while for them to do over the xmas holiday period).
HowzattAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention. Clients all have Citrix receiver 3.4 Enterprise installed.
v4 does not have an enterprise version as yet (which we need to browse to http sites & services)

some general info on Flash Redirection. For Flash redirection to work you need to have on server side:
- Installed Flash Player 10.1 or above for Windows Internet Explorer
- Internet Explorer (obviously) - you've already enabled support for IE10

On client side your receiver 3.4 ENT is OK (There will be no ENT version of receiver 4.0). Also you need  Flash Player for Windows - Other Browsers. This player is sometimes referred to as an NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) Flash Player. Make sure you have same version on both sides or that you have higher version on your end point - else redirection will not work.

When redirection is working you'll get flash optimization prompt (if no .adm is in place). If .adm is already in place, check if PSEUDOCONTAINER2.EXE is running in your processes. If not - you have problem somewhere.

I suggest you run HDX monitor tool that will tell you why Flash Redirection is not kicking in. You will find this tool here - http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX135817. Once run, click on Flash Player and you'll see your issues in the log.
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HowzattAuthor Commented:
Sorry yes forgot to mention Flash is also installed on the server. It is the latest version (updated just yesterday).

The client also has the Flash player for windows - other browsers. Also updated yesterday
So all versions on the client & server are the same.

Re the optimization prompt, as mentioned we have the ADM in place, so the users are not prompted. It should automatically run it.

The Pseudocontainer2.exe process is not running.

I have run the HDX monitor and all I can really see from it is that it says it is inactive. Not sure if any of the other details are of any benefit.
I have attached a screenshot of the output from the Flash section of the HDX monitoring tool.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
Sorry that last post uploaded before I finished.

One thing I do see in the output is the references to IE9. I assume this must be built into the tool because the version on both the server & client is definitely IE10.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
I don't know if there is any truth to this, but apparently HDX has been broken since Adobe released the Flash 11.8 update.

I read that in a post about the HDX monitor. Seems this person has the same/similar issue to me. That could be totally incorrect though.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know about the comment re Flash 11.8 breaking HDX?
HowzattAuthor Commented:
I just want to add some further info on the resolution. The one above is only a workaround.

I have been able to source the Receiver Enterprise 3.4 Cumulative Update 2 from our vendor (who logged with Citrix on our behalf). I have installed and updated Flash to the latest version again. HDX client rendering still works perfectly!

Not sure why they don't post the C-Updates online. This issue would affect pretty much everyone and has done since mid November 2013.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
I hate giving myself points, but I want other users with this issue to see the answer :) Thanks to everyone who posted on here.
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