How many SSL certs do I need?

I will have a web application running on two web servers (load balanced), and the url will be something like I will also have a second url called I think I need 4 certs in total, one for each url on each server. Can anyone confirm this, and is there a better way to purchase a group of certs than just buying 4 individuals?
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Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
One - for you put it on both servers, as after all, they are load balanced so will be reachable for the same url.

for actual certification isn't required, so self-issue a 10 year certificate, accept it in your browser, then forget about it :)
Depending on your budget, this may not be an option...

But I've always been a fan of a single wildcard certificate accross the domain.  That is, if it has the same root DNS.

In your case, instead of individual certs for or, you'd just get a * and install the same certificate on all of your load balanced servers.

You could also grab a single certificate with multiple hostnames inside it as well, which would be cheaper than the wildcard.  The problem I have with this approach, is that if any of your requirements change prior to the certificate expiring, and you need to add an additional host or something, you'll have to get yet another certificate.  - The wildcard cert is they way to go in my opinion.

But, it can get stupid expensive though.

I use these guys for my public certificates, and they're great:
Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
You can purchase just one certificate for this - a Multiple Domain (UCC) certificate. This allows you to have multiple domains (5-100) on the same certificate so you only have to configure once then just install this on each machine.
*On note, to boast about the wildcard cert, is that you wouldn't be limited to just web servers.

I use the same certificate on my web servers, exchange CAS boxes, and a couple other places.  So, although it's roughly $350 for a wildcard cert, I end up breaking even because I export the private key and install it on all of my boxes that require certificates in my domain for external access.  One-size fits all so-to-speak.
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