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How do I mask a url?

We have a few domains that we redirect to our homepage.  When someone enters one of the domains in their browser (ex www.redirect1.com) it redirects to our web page (www.ourwebpage.com) and shows the redirected url as the name of the page.  We would like the redirected urls all show the actual name of the page instead (www.ourwebpage.com).  Is this something I need to do with our domain registrar or is it a coding thing for the web page?


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If I understand correctly, it sounds like you currently point your different domains to same IP address.  Therefore, the domains mask the fact that you are on the same web site.  Therefore, you need to make a change to the webpages to check if the current URL matches the one you want to display.  If it does not, the site should perform a redirect.  Another way to do this is to configure each domain to its own website.  For the domains you want to redirect, set the redirect option in your web server.

I hope that helps.
Scott Fell

It sounds like you are using godaddy's redirection and masking.  The way that works is it creates an iFrame where the new domain is www.ourwebpage.com that has a frame with www.redirect1.com's content.

If you have a link to www.redirect1.com/page3.html but you always see www.ourwebpage.com, this is the most likely case.

What you need to to instead is redirect the domain on your server with a 301 redirect.  Are you using windows or linux?  Is your hosting with godaddy? or where?


We have our actual website (www.ourwebpage.com) and have other domains redirect to it via ip address through our domain registrar.  So when you enter www.redirect.com, it goes to the webpage but does not show www.ourwebpage.com in the url it shows www.redirect.com.  Management wants the url that is entered to be the page that shows up after the redirection.  The web page is hosted by HostMySite.com, not GoDaddy if that helps.  Do I need to update info with my domain registrar?  Does the hosting company need to do the fix on the backend?  Does the designed of the page need to update the code?

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