Can't get text from a text entry

Hi, I have a flash template that's making me sad.  It has a search button and a text area that I'm trying to incorporate into a google search URL that is fired when I press the button.

The movie clip is called 'search' and the test input is an instance of _txt, so I tried to enter search.text in the button actionscript, but it comes up as undefined.

I'm a very occasional user of flash, am doing this for my brother's site.  Can I ask for direction?

I've attached the file for your amusement.  Let me know if I can provide more info.

Many Thanks
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RobConnect With a Mentor Owner (Aidellio)Commented:
I'm having some issues uploading the fla so I've attached a couple of screenshots and the updated code

on (release) {
	var search_term;
	search_term = _level0.mysearch.myterm.txt.text;
	getURL("" + search_term + "", "_blank");

Open in new window

Notice in the following that I've removed the unnecessary keyframes and renamed the movie clips variable names

Top Level (note where the timeframe indicator is at the end)
top level instance name
Middle level (again note the timeframe indicator is at the end)
instance names
text field
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
I'm taking a look and will post back soon :)

Is there any reason you're using flash and not a simple html / javascript form?

In other words, what's the advantage to using flash for this particular part, ie the search.  I understand about the presentation and sound but not the search.
mitchtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding.

Why use flash for this?  Well, it came with the template :)

Also, it works well with the visual part of the site.  But you make a good point.  If I can't get this simple thing to work, may need to fallback to a js/html solution.

But I'd sure like to make this work.
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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Sure, I can understand that.

I'll attach the working version but first what version of flash are you using?

Your issues were due to a few things including using reserved words as "search" as an instance variable as well as not have instance names for the required movie clips.  You should see what I mean when I upload the file
mitchtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the detailed answer.  I took a shot at the solution, but it's not working here.  Will post my detailed steps on 1/28.

Again, thanks, this was a big help.  I think I'm still missing something on my side.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Here is the updated file - i ended up using ee stuff as the file attachment wouldn't work here
mitchtAuthor Commented:
Very cool, I see the file works, but I can't open the source in Adobe CS3.  What version should I use to open the source file?  Would like to review and learn where I can do better next time.

Again, thanks!
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
I'm using CS5.5 so I'll try and re-save to CS3 and post back
mitchtAuthor Commented:
Much Appreciated!
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Ive only been able to save as CS4.. if you're still unable to open it, I'm happy to go through the steps i took to get it to work
mitchtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for taking the time to work with me on this.  It's very appreciated!
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