Netapp Fas2240- Need to create a Management/CIFS access VIF

Hi guys,
I have a dilema with a Netapp 2240-2 SAN, with dual controllers:
Here is my situation and what I would like to accomplish:
I have:
-1x Netapp Fas2240-2 with 2 controllers
-2x 24 port Layer 3 switches.
-port e0a controller A -> switch 1
-port e0a controller B -> switch 2

What's happening right now:
if I take down switch 2, controller B is inaccessible... which is logical

What I would liked to accomplish:
the 2 switches are configured identically and used for redundancy. I want to be able to manage both controllers, if a switch goes down.
+HA is enabled on the SAN

An Idea would be to create a VIF between port e0a(currently used for management) and e0b; then plug in e0a --> switch1 and e0b --> switch2(I would do this on both controllers)... however the System Manager does not let me do it(obviously) and I want to be cautions before I try something like " vif create [single] VIF0 e0a,e0b " in the console without knowing the after-effects.

I already created a case with NETAPP support about this, but since you guys are always more awesome than any vendor, I thought I would post this here as well.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
There are a few ways to do it

1. Use stackable switches that you can create link aggregation across switches (cisco 3750g with a stack for example)

2.  Use a second layer VIF

For each controller create a ifgrp that connect to each switch on the same vlan.  Then create a ifgroup that encorporates both ifgroups

-port e0a controller A -> switch 1 -ifgrp 1
-port e0a controller B -> switch 2 igrp 2

ifgrp 3 contains ifgrp and ifgrp 2

(vifs are now

We do this for all our customers and there are nuances but should be easily done.
YardstickAuthor Commented:
Excellent. Yes it did work... with stackable switches(= $3000 / piece). :) Thank you, the answer has been verified!!
-- yes you are right they are now ifgrps ! I'm just used to the older netapps.

I also found out a way to not use non-stackable switches for whoever is interested.

1-I assigned an ip to e0d on both controllers connected through the new ip,
2- I disabled HA
3- disabled e0a and e0b on both controllers.
4- created a VIF on both controllers and partnered the 2 VIFs.
Now I can connect e0a on both controllers to sw1 and e0b on both controllers to sw2. If a switch goes down the SAN will switch e0b and I can still manage the san as well as use cifs

See? I knew you guys would lead me in the right direction. Netapp support send me a config guide and passed the bucket to the Professional Services department. Thanks guys, Inow have an HA environment with no extra cost or cumulated stress!!!!
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
using the second layer ifgroups you can use non stackable switches as well, as long as you have them connected to the same vlans it will work, this is what we use for these situations.  For stacked switches we just configure standard lacp ports accross the switches without the second layer ifgrp
YardstickAuthor Commented:
-If you have stackable switches, or the funds to get stackable switches, please use Paul's solution.
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